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THIS WEEK: 21 JUMP STREET plus one– lovable goofballs Johah Hill and Channing Tatum go to college looking even older than they did in high school and comedy ensues.

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Written by Michael Bacall, Oren Uziel and Rodney Rothman from a story by Michael Bacall and Jonah Hill. Directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.






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  • Nice opening with a quick-flash recap of the previous film–wish more sequels did that!
  • Lots of thinly disguised, ironic/inside jokes about sequels and even the stars. They knew exactly what they were making and freely (and “funnily”) admit it. Also, the stars’ ages are acknowledged and ridiculed.


  • Each character does his thing without being annoying. Jonah Hill elicits as much sympathy as he does inspire awkwardness. Channing Tatum is both stupid and hot (for the girls and gays alike), but not so stupid he’s unbelievable or annoying.
  • Some hilarious jokes, situations and…um, what’s that word? Iguana toes? Indiana doughs? In your end, d’ohs? [MIKE: That’s innuendos!] Yeah, those–about the guys being gay, both intentional and implied. Somehow manages to make it (more or less) PC as well as funny.
  • Ice Cube does the “angry black dude” thing to perfection as their ever-pissed boss. And does it funnier than just about anybody.
  • There are three twists, two of which I didn’t see coming and are comedically fully taken advantage of.
  • Couple cool cars for gear heads: a hot early 70s Camaro Z-28 and a Lambo Murcielago. Wish they had bigger parts.


  • Two movie-cliche situations are handled in the most original and unique ways: the drug-trip and the final fist fight. No spoilers, but they were creative and funny as hell.
  • The end titles have about a dozen quick trailers for every conceivable (silly) sequel that are as funny as the movie itself! (At the very end of the credits is a quick-but-funny bonus gag.)
  • Rob Riggle returns briefly as Mr. Walters in a funny bit.

22 Jump Street - Rob Riggle

  • Spring break beach full of bikinis!
  • Unlike most comedies and sequels, this actually gets better/funnier towards the end instead of running out of steam.






  • If you don’t like dick jokes, you won’t like several of the gags. Same with Jonah Hill’s “poor me” character.
  • The middle is the slowest part.
  • Would have loved to see outtakes during the actual credits, but that’s no doubt saved for the DVD/Blu-ray.


  • Spring break in “Mexico” is Puerto Rico. Everyone has their suits on!
  • For all the foul language and off-color jokes, they could have thrown in some freakin’ nudity for horny’s sake! WTF??
  • Of course, you’ll have to suspend disbelief regarding characters, situations and plausibility. It’s a silly, self-referential comedy, so don’t expect highbrow stuff.





Forget Dumb and Dumber; this is more like dumb and smarter. Only reason it’s not “SEE IT” is that there’s not a lot that justifies the big-screen treatment other than the expected big stunt scenes at the beginning and end. But in this era of insulting, cheap, juvenile gross-outs and pretentious, stuck-up, self-servingly clever-but-unfunny phonies that either play to the L.C.D. or bluenoses, this one is up front and down to earth. You know what you’re getting going in: good escapist laughter without being patronizing. If you laughed at the first one, you’ll laugh as much or more at this.




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