My favorite single-panel comic strip is LAST KISS, which takes Silver Age romance art from the old Charlton comics and changes the dialog to cleverly and hilariously suit today’s standards and subjects (as well as comics when it appears in CBG). The great John Lustig, comedic genius behind the always-chuckle-worthy strip, honored me with another collaboration request. (We’ve done zombie gags and other holiday gags, where John sends me the art and I modify it to fit the occasion. See below.)
In this one, John was modest enough to use my punchline and contributed the hilarious setup line. Only changes I made to the woman were to open her mouth a bit and a slight expression/eye change so she didn’t look quite as angry. Original and modified art are below.  (I’ll admit, I cheated with the background–it’s a doctored photo.) On John’s web site, you can see the final gag as well as the original panel from which it was taken.
Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans! And Happy July 4th, a.k.a. Wednesday, to my British pals. (See you in the Olympics!)

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