Richard Cox Artist’s Proof Cards Available January 31, 2013 – Posted in: Blog

Richard has some Artist’s Proof cards available as commissions for some of the card sets he’s worked on.  He’ll only be able to work on these in between other projects and any card he does will need company approval before he can release it (which can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months!)  Therefore our standard 30 day commission policy will not apply to these cards.

Here’s what he has available.  The prices noted are for single figure in cool/gray copic marker.  Unless noted all cards are standard 2½”x3½” size.

[1] Batman $175

[1] Marvel Universe (over-sized) $175

[4] Marvel Greatest Heroes $175

[5] Contemporary Pinups Christmas $100

[5] Classic Mythology $50

[2] Dungeon Dolls AP (over-sized) $150

[5] Dungeon Dolls $75

Some examples of Richard's previous Artist's Proof commissions.

Some examples of Richard’s previous Artist’s Proof commissions.

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