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This Thanksgiving, you and I have something to add to the grateful list: Not long after our Halloween monster collab, the brilliant John Lustig, creator/writer behind the always-funny retro-romance comic strip LAST KISS (and brilliant Disney comics writer) allowed the less brilliant me to contribute a couple gags and art for USA’s annual Turkey Day. (Quick recap: John takes original Silver Age Charlton romance comics art and adds hilarious dialog. The strips are colored (and sometimes retouched) by the brilliant Allen Freeman and others. For the last few years, I change the b/w and color layers to reflect various holidays.)
Here’s the before and after art:

I submitted three this year and we used two, one with John’s “makes more sense” reworking (he knows his strip and audience far better than I). The original gag art and my alterations appear below. You can see the final gags (along with the ORIGINAL Charlton art and corny dialog) on John’s site! (Ours should appear Monday and Wednesday this week.) See the captions below for specifics on each gag.

This required the most reference due to the “drinking vessels.” I found out, thanks to my friend/former history teacher David Hudson,  that while glass has been around for over a thousand years, it was unlikely that the Pilgrims brought much if any with them during the initial voyage (and how much made the trip safely). And the Indians wouldn’t have had glass for sure. So more likely would be wooden and/or stone-based vessels. (Historical tidbit: water was unsafe to drink for the Pilgrims so most drank beer or wine. That probably made for a happier holiday!)
Art note: interestingly, the original artist tilted the upper glass toward the viewer and the bottom one away, despite the usual rules of perspective dictating otherwise (we’d be more likely to see the top of the glass below the horizon line).


For those who prefer Facebook, check out John’s Last Kiss page with all the gags. Please take a couple seconds and click “Like” or share any of John’s that you enjoy. My pal puts a plethora of punch-drunk passion into producing punchlines for your pleasurable perusal, so all accolades are abundantly appreciated.


I didn’t include the stereotypical “hat buckle” because I figured it wouldn’t be seen from this angle. However, John felt it would help add to the “Pilgrimness” of the character to include a hint of it; I think he was right. The other thing was that I originally didn’t alter the flesh tone of the women in either gag. (Though I did realize there aren’t a lot of blond Native Americans!) Luckily I remembered to at the last minute, as in the first gag, the woman was whiter than the guy! However, I had to tread a fine line between a realistic dark skin tone and a stereotypical, cartoony “redskin” common in the Silver Age to make it appear in line style-wise.


Next month, we’ll team up again for Christmas fun and funnies. Next week, come back *here* for more art and pop culture.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and/or family. If you don’t celebrate, I hope you have a thoroughly thankful Thursday. As for me, I’m again grateful for and to YOU for reading! See below for a special “thank you” deal.

Thankfully yours,

Bru-Hed Closeup

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