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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…FOOTBALL SEASON! The time when NFL teams are either in the hunt for the playoffs or playing spoiler for their rivals. And if you’re a fan of American football (or sports in general or even just goofy web comics), you should be a fan of Game BUZZ!

This is an online strip I’ve been doing for (gulp) seven years, weekly during the season, for fans of the Seattle Seahawks team. The character was co-created by my Alaskan friend Jason Davies and myself. Each week, BUZZ (usually) faces off with a representative of the opposing team for the next game. But there are a few recurring characters (from rival and former rival teams), including Azz (from the Arizona Cardinals) and The (Oakland) Raiders Fan. (Thanks to the Dallas strip, a few of the Seattle cheerleaders, The Sea Gals, began following the strip. About nine years of marriage too late!)

A couple of this season’s strips are below.


If you like what you see, and are on Facebook, please take a sec to visit BUZZ’s fan page and click “Like”; we’d appreciate it! If you hate it, tell me why so I can make it better (however, being a fan of the Steelers or other opponent doesn’t count!) If you’re not on FB, you can see more on the original home of the strip,

This week, the Hawks scored their highest point total in franchise history (58-0 over the Cardinals). Follow along on FB or the site to see how the rest of the season unfolds! New strips usually post every Thursday afternoon or evening.

P.S.: I also do sports commissions in pencil and colored pencil–a couple are below. Remember: ALL commissions for the rest of the year get FREE continental US shipping from me. Ask Craig HERE.


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