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If you read my blog from a couple weeks ago, you know my friend and I used to quiz each other on naming artists by single faces, poses or body parts. So I thought, why not quiz YOU? I’m going to offer a prize of a FREE commission for incentive. First, to get you warmed up, here’s a few easy ones to test yourself (SPOILER WARNING: answers in the next paragraph below the pics). Don’t worry–penciller alone is fine!



Warm up: Can you guess who the penciller is?

Warm up: Can you guess who the penciller is?

The artists are all Silver Age greats except for one.

The answers are (left to right): Jim Aparo, Jeffrey Jones, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, and Rob Liefeld. How’d ya do?


Okay, the REAL quiz is below. Again, pencillers only is fine–all are “major” US industry names, from Silver to Modern age (and no, I didn’t include myself!) None have been altered in any way other than converting to b/w. They may or may not include the names above.

Do NOT post your answers in the Comments section–let others have a shot! To participate, send your guesses (numbered) to Craig by clicking “contact” above. Make sure you include your first & last NAME and EMAIL address! I’ll give you till WEDNESDAY (duh–site name!) and then I’ll post the answers (and contest winner, if any) in the Comments section. So if you’re reading this later in the week, you can still test yourself–just scroll all the way down to see the answers.

There will be TWO winners. 1ST PRIZE: the FIRST person (determined by computer/email time stamp on OUR end) to get ALL artists correct gets a FREE 11×14 pencil commission of one character of your choice!
2nd PRIZE: the FIRST person to get the *most* right will get one FREE 9×12 pencil portrait commission of one character of your choice! Domestic US postage is INCLUDED (I’m so generous). Outside US will have to chip in $10 USD for shipping (it’s really expensive).

Now, the rules (please read!): Only ONE entrant per person. Must be 18 years old or older. Entrant must include their first and last name, country and email address in entry. Entries accepted ONLY through this web site–personal emails will NOT be valid. Entry must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Time Tuesday, February 12. WednesdaysHeroes (WH) is not responsible for any spelling, technical, electrical, web or software or other glitches, problems, difficulties, outages or any other excuses. Decisions will be made by WednesdaysHeroes and are final. If no entrant guesses all questions right, prize will not be awarded. Winner must send character request within seven (7) calendar days from notification email sent by WH to receive commission, otherwise no prize will be awarded. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of commission. This contest is VOID where prohibited and governed by the laws of the state of California. No refunds, corrections or do-overs unless o/w stated. Good luck!

So here we go!


Thanks and good luck!

Bru-Hed Closeup

P.S.: If you’d rather not bother with the quiz and just want a cool commission anyway, contact Craig HERE!


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