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In the middle of Comic-Con craziness yet again. Time is short, lines are long. Because I have little of the former and have to deal with the latter, I have just enough minutes to send some bullet points your way.

Again there is a wealth of free panels and seminars for just about every discipline related to the creative and pop-culture fields: writing, drawing, animating, designing, producing, filming, retailing and now entrepreneurship. So far I’ve been to three different writers’ panels and learned quite a bit; I’ll share specifics in future blog posts.



–The Spotlight on Tony Isabella was fun as expected. Tony didn’t dish as much as he does on Tony Isabella’s Bloggy Thing, but that’s what that’s for. [be sure to check out his Top 10 Covers he shared with us as well!] This was a nice retrospective of the highlights of his 40-year comics career, hosted by the ubiquitous Mark Evanier. Tony and Mark met during their 1960s fanzine days and have been buds ever since.

Tony Isabella

Favorite Tony quotes:

1. About being told Jack Kirby would replace him on CAPTAIN AMERICA in 1976 after Tony had prepared a (now dead) four-issue Bicentennial saga: “You’d have to be a dick to be upset by being replace by the guy who (co-)created the character.” Tony was, obviously, thrilled, and offered Jack his full support.
2. Regarding the creation of Marvel’s The Champions super-team, an editor of the Fantastic Four instructed him, “All super-teams must have five members.”
3. Regarding the comics field and Comic-Con’s massive growth: “We’ve won. Look at this place…this is because of us. Hollywood comes here because they need us. There’s something for everyone here.”

Best of all, Tony (finally!) won an Inkpot Award for his many accomplishments. I’ll devote a whole post to Tony later on.


A highlight for me was the Spotlight on Jose Delbo, my basic drawing teacher at The Kubert School. Even after (ahem) more than a couple decades, he remembered me. This is a pro’s pro. In the last HALF a century, Jose has worked for Marvel, DC, Charlton, Dell/Western, Gold Key, Tekno and several other publishers. His oeuvre includes: Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Lone Ranger, The Monkees, Barbie, Transformers, Thundercats, The Beatles (Yellow Submarine), Turok, Twilight Zone, Boris Karloff’s Tales Of Mystery, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, Hogan’s Heroes, O.G. Whiz, Gentle Ben, and even more! Truly one of the most versatile artists in the industry. And sadly, due to being uncredited for much of it, also one of the most underrated and under-appreciated.

Jose Delbo

But thankfully that changed with his first Inkpot Award, received at the panel. I’ll also do a separate post about this skilled, talented, generous and HILARIOUS gentleman and his enviable career later.

–Attended the panel on ROGER RABBIT’s 25th anniversary, presented by some of the creative legends responsible, including the voice of Roger (and three weasels and Benny The Cab), the wily and wacky Charles Fleisher.

–As if that wasn’t enough, Jamie and Adam from MYTHBUSTERS had an amazing panel as well, hosted by none other than Star Trek TNJ-alum and fellow science-geek, Will Wheaton. Great stuff. Their next season could be their best yet.

–Met a few great artists and creators, from old con-pals Batton Lash (SUPERNATURAL LAW), John Lustig (LAST KISS) to long-time acquaintance Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett (BOILERPLATE, FRANK READE, HEARTBREAKERS) to Val Mayerik (long-time Marvel artist and visual designer of Howard The Duck) and a couple I’m forgetting. Also said hello to John Barrowman (Captain Jack from DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD) and went to his hilarious panel. Update on the J.J. Abrams-produced BOILERPLATE film: The script is written and the search for a director is on. Filming should begin (fingers crossed) early next year!

–As always, an assortment of colorful and captivating costumes and bountiful booths decorate and dot the hall. I’ll post whatever I can when I have it.



More to come in a day or when I get back…time to get back in line!

Bru-Hed Closeup

P.S.: If you’d like an original commission of a character when I return, I promise a speedy turnaround and wall-worthy work. Just ask Craig here!



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