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Rarely does it get weirder than this.

Last night, my wife and I were watching the BBC America “live” reveal of the 12th actor to play Doctor Who. When the name Peter Capaldi was announced, we both went, “Huh?” But when he stepped onto the stage, we cheered because we both recognized him. From where? No idea.

BBC doctor-who-live-7

I searched my memory banks. Nope, didn’t remember him from the David Tennant “Fires Of Pompeii” episode. Didn’t even remember him from TORCHWOOD’s “Children Of Earth” 3rd series, despite watching the second episode only the night before! (It was the matted hair and glasses…apparently Clark Kent/Superman knows what he’s doing.)



 Then it came to me: WORLD WAR Z revealed the identity a month early. And no one realized it!


In the film, Brad Pitt has to travel to Cardiff, Wales and speak with scientists from the World Health Organization. As any fan of DOCTOR WHO or TORCHWOOD knows, Cardiff is not only the location of the BBC studio where the shows are/were shot, but it’s also the location of the massive time-space rift that causes so many problems (and adventures). While watching the movie, I turned to my wife and whispered, “Cardiff! I knew that damn rift had something to do with the zombie plague!” She chuckled.

When the scientific research building was shown with the caption, “W.H.O. Headquarters”, we both broke out laughing (which probably both confused and ticked off our nearby fellow viewers).

Doctor Who

Sure enough, one of the two DOCTORS who captured and later worked with Brad Pitt’s character was played by Peter Capaldi.

Then, when looking up Capaldi’s credits on the database, we came across this credit:


The W.H.O. Doctor is Doctor Who.

Corny coincidence? Clever conspiracy?

Who knows. Only Capaldi, Who showrunner Steven Moffat and the World War Z filmmakers know for sure, and they aint talkin’. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Kevin Bacon-like degree of separation there somewhere.

(By the way, Bru-Hed reviewed WWZ and THE WOLVERINE just over a week ago. )

WWZ poster


Meanwhile, we’re excited to see the new Doctor in action. He’s a little older than my big  brother and it’ll be a nice change of pace from Matt Smith’s youthful take. (Score one for the over-50 crowd!) We enjoyed Matt (our favorite is Tennant) but we’re ready to move on and watch the new adventures.

…Which may or may not include zombies.



Bru-Hed CloseupBest,




P.S.: If you’d like an original art commission of any good Doctor, with or without Brad Pitt or zombies, I’m more than happy to create it for you at a very reasonable price. Just ask Craig here!


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  1. Yes, my sons and I noticed these coincidences too!
    I’ll have to watch the movie again to listen out for the TARDIS sound.
    Surely it would have to be just coincidence as I’m sure they wouldn’t have picked the next Doctor when that movie was made.
    But I’m glad someone else has picked this up.

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