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It’s time for another LAST KISS collaboration! As regulars here know, the jovial and genial genius behind the single-panel phenomenon called LAST KISS COMICS, John Lustig, and I team up when we can during holidays to make merriment using Silver Age Charlton romance art.

At Comic-Con this year, I approached John about doing a Labor Day gag. (A popular US holiday.) He was enthusiastic, although he wondered how we could pull one off since there’s no “mascot” for the holiday. I suggested Hercules, who had to perform 12 labors according to legend. John wasn’t sure enough readers would recall that from elementary school, but I submitted some ideas and he thought it would work. Here’s the art he gave me to work with, followed by my version:


After John offered some minor-but-perfect tweaks, the final gag, along with the original Charlton art, can be seen here.

Hopefully it works whether you’re familiar with the Hercules legend or not. Thanks and have a wonderful, labor-free Labor Day wherever you are!



P.S.: If you’d like an original art commission of any legendary or holiday figure, or woman in or out of labor, I’m more than happy to create it for you at a very reasonable price. Just ask Craig here!

P.S.S.: Sorry this is posting so late – buy hey, it’s labor day!  🙂



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