Last week we discussed the merits of collecting commissions with themes. I want to thank everyone who contributed not only their great comments, suggestions and opinions, but links to their fantastic collections of themed commissions! Some really incredible, creative, fun and wonderful work by some amazing talents. (If you can’t get inspired looking thru even some of those pieces, check your pulse.)

Now let’s carry that a bit further: Why not carry the theme of themes to your collection of published original art?

Granted, it may be a bit harder depending on how specific your theme is, but then you’re adding a new dimension to original art collecting–another layer to the thrill of the hunt! Not just for a specific artist, title or character and price range, but now throw in the theme of your choice and the reward becomes even greater when you find something that fits. Like looking thru the bag of Jelly Bellies® for that one flavor you reeeeeeally like.


One theme idea: car chases! Art by Gene Colan from Captain America #116. ™ and ©1968 Marvel.


Keep in mind the more specific or “creative” the theme, the more difficult the search may be. If you’re like me and don’t buy art on a regular basis, then you can bide your time waiting to find the perfect fit. If you have the desire (and cash) to buy several pieces a year (or at every convention), then just make your theme more general and you can still participate.

Many of the themes suggested last week can still apply. Examples off the top o’ me noggin, from general to specific include:


  • Characters: villains (like Kasra’s M.O.D.O.K. gallery), heroes, male or female, teens, cartoons, capes, certain powers, those who’ve been on TV or movies, cartoons, etcetera. (Rather than type “etc.” for each, we’ll just assume it applies to all, okay?)
  • Culinary (as in Brian’s gallery, posted last week): restaurants/markets, foods, wine/beer/alcohol.
  • Transportation: cars, trucks, trains, busses, subway, boats, airplanes, bicycles, wheels.
  • People: certain genders, races, ages, social statuses, professions, body types.
  • Places/locations: space, cities, capitals, the country, woods, oceans/lakes/rivers, jails, NYC, alleys, interiors, offices, castles.
  • Objects: furniture, weapons, guns, knives, products, corporations, garbage, books/library, coffee cups, types of clothing/shoes, even specific geometric shapes!
  • Military: uniforms, wars, combat, guns, armor, soldiers, ranks, ships, Jeeps, tanks, clubs.
  • Animals: mammals, insects, snakes, birds, dinosaurs, pets, dogs, cats, farm animals, hooves, the circus, zoos.
  • Disciplines: anything having to do with science, philosophy, psychology, medicine, astronomy, arts, music, writing/writers.


And as the cliche goes, much, much more!


These can be things that are the focus of the page or just something seen somewhere in the background or mentioned in the dialog. (Which could give the collection a whole new “Where’s Waldo” interactive element when on display.)


Use your imagination and see what you can come up with. Make a list of possibilities and then think about how likely it is to find pieces that would fit. It may be nearly impossible like ninja elephants wearing diapers, or something ubiquitous like fists.

As always, the possibilities are truly endless. And fun!


Another car chase scene from Gene! Unpublished pencils from Underworld #1. (1980s) ™ and © DC Comics.


As before, I’ll turn things over to YOU. Do you have a theme in your collection now? If not, what type of theme have you considered or would like? Any other ideas (wacky or realistic) you can think of? Please comment and share.

And if you have a theme for commissions and want to order one from Craig, just click HERE now.

Thanks for reading!


See you next week,








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