Underworld: Awakening IMAX promo art


This was commissioned by IMAX to be used as a promotional poster at the Long Beach Comic Con for their release of the upcoming Underworld: Awakening film.  Alas, time ran out before it could get through the approval process with Sony and it ultimately did not end up being used.


Richard’s notes…  “This is a completed piece of promotional art commissioned by IMAX for their upcoming release of the new Underworld: Awakening movie.

This UNDERWORLD piece was originally intended to go on an 11×17 promo poster for Long Beach Comicon this past weekend, though for whatever reason (deadlines, I would assume), it wasn’t used. They did like the art, so it might show up somewhere else at some point.

You should imagine this with something like, the UNDERWORLD AWAKENING logo across the top, and the IMAX 3D logo and other credits across the bottom. I was also asked to do something interesting with the borders, so you get a more chaotic, wild ink/acrylic splatter across the top (Lycan = chaos) and a more orderly dropping/dribbling of Copics at the bottom (vampires = order).

I had a deadline of less than a week to complete this, so settled upon (with client approval) a much more simple design. A simple triangle with a row of vampire heads to help move the eye around and visually break the piece into 2 halves. The wolf eyes and subdued color on Selene’s face (along with their position about 1/3 from the top of the page) help me focus your eyes on a starting point. My only regret is that I did not have enough time to really work on Selene’s face to make it look more like Kate Beckensale. But those are the realities of meeting an extremely tight deadline.”


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18×24 completed with copic markers, india ink, white ink, white & black acrylic paint, and colored pencils on vellum bristol board


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