Whitechapel Freak – Digital Edition


43 pages – black & white (gorgeous inkwash work by David!)

suggested for mature readers only

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It was 2001 and I was mulling over ideas for my next project (the first being a gothic tale of brigandry called Spirit of the Highwayman). I had found a niche in Victorian-based tales that I liked to draw. I enjoy the fog swathed alleys and cobbled stone pathways of old London Town. No need for reference material for cars and suchlike, give me a horse and carriage any day. But what should I do next?

I really fancied a stab at Jack the Ripper. I knew that would be tough going as the subject had already been tackled by many storytellers as well as the master wordsmith himself, Alan Moore. What chance had I to make an impression?

I knew my take had to have a different approach. This tale of the Ripper murders is more focused on prejudice. Retaining the facts of the brutal murders, but based around the viewpoints of several new characters.

But that wasn’t enough. I wanted not only a new approach to the story, but in it’s presentation as well. I wanted to get it printed on newsprint – like a Penny Dreadful of the time period.

Luckily, my day job enabled me to do just that. I work at a local newspaper and at the time we had the luxury of printing presses on site.

For this new digital edition, I had my own printed copy of Whitechapel Freak and made high resolution scans of the actual newsprint pages. Every blemish and watermark is still there and should add to the ‘feel’ of reading the original newsprint version.

A very special thanks must go to my wife and best friend Kerry, for coming up with the seed of the idea which finally grew into the tale you are about to read.

And thank YOU purchasing this new digital version!

David Hitchcock





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