Bad Axe Studios’ Dungeon Dolls Trading Card Set January 26, 2011 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , , , , ,

Well, it’s been announced on Scoundrel, so I can announce it here. I’m a base & sketch card artist for the Bad Axe Studios 2011 trading card project Dungeon Dolls, focusing on a “diversity of not only character archetype, but also character race, background, religion, etc, etc..”. But I suspect, really, it’ll focus on buxom women. 😉

So that’s the 3rd project I’m currently on that’s not released and that I can’t show any art from. The other two, because I need to self-promote every once in a while, are the Marvel dangerous Divas set and the Versicolor Bettie Page Private Collection set. I’ve actually completed all of my obligations on both of those, and am just awaiting the go-ahead to show off my stuff, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Also, I will have my original base card art from the Bettie Page set for sale when the cards are released, for anyone who might be interested in it. It’s 8×10, tonal gray copic markers.

FINALLY, I’ve just signed on to another project that I’m not allowed to talk about, but at least I CAN say that much. Wheeee.

More info on the above sets:

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