Hey, you mugs!
It’s another Thursday afternoon and I’m after a moon that makes me moan! Any pics of gorgeous glutes from Kim K, Jay-Lo, Nicki Minaj, Eva Longoria, send ‘em my way. But in the meantime, I’m here to answer YOUR email requests of information, enlightenment and advice. Let’s get to it.

Beer Abby:
What are you views on SOPA and PIPA?

A. Lawyer
Legal, NY

Dear A.:

Without a doubt, they’re the hottest twins in the latest Playboy Scandinavian Sisters Special!


Yo, Bru:

What happened in the last two minutes of the Saints game? They could have won but they didn’t.

C. Obvious
Baton Rouge, LA

Yo, C.:

I really wouldn’t know because my DVR stopped recording after 1:40 was left on the clock! (And I extended the recording time a half hour…Damn, that was a long game!) I did see the highlights and obviously what happened was that the New Orleans defense bet on the over. Ugh.


Mr. Bru–

How come Tim Tebow lost? I thought Jesus loved him and wanted him to win since he prays to him all the time.

P. Robertson
Money-for-faith, GA

Mr. Robertson–

Jesus does love Tim. He just loved Tom Brady more. After all, listening to the airhead sports commentators, you’d think Brady is JC reincarnated! Besides, Tebow didn’t have a naked supermodel to come home to. Better motivation.


Hey Bru-Hed–
So who are you betting on in the NFL Championship games?

J. Thegreek
Las Wages, NV

Hey, J.–

Ravens vs. Patriots:
Back in 2009, the Ravens were the only team to beat the Patsies at home in a playoff game since 1978. But they won’t do it again. However, with a 7-point spread as of this writing, I gotta think they play close. Go with the Crows plus 7. If it drops below, switch. Bonus: Dip the Pats with the over.

Giants vs. 49ers: Glad for the Bay boys to make it this far but would love to see that smug bully face of Harbaugh’s forced to eat some Heckle & Jeckle. Want to see my G-Men from New York take the title. But when it comes to my dough, I gotta be smart. SF wins by 3. But I’ll do a teaser with the Giants and the over so I can root for more scores.

Yet again, I yapped so much we only got room for one more:


Beer Abby–

Seen any good movies lately?

Tom Fooz
Hollywood, CA

Dear Tom–

Funny you should mention it. I just finally saw the latest film with a guy whose name sounds like yours. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Stupid name, great flick. Even better than the first, and not many sequels can say that! Could have used more hotties and less Russian heavies, but the action and stunts made up for it. Go see it and lemme know what you think down below in the Comments section.

And speaking of letting me know, click on the “Contact” link at the top o’ this page and send me a friggin’ question for next time! Or let me know how you did on the football games. (Be sure to send me ten percent of yer winnings, ya cheapasses. If ya lose, don’t blame me–what did you want for free?)



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