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Hey there, fanboys and fangirls! It’s me, the one who fans your flames of fun and fact-finding with fine, five-finger precision. (Wow, a sentence by me with eight “F” words, and not one was THE “F” word! I think I broke a personal record. And it wasn’t even an old vinyl one!) Now let’s get to your queer queries:


Beer Abby:
Did you hear that Rodney King died mysteriously? Any ideas how?

A. Brutha
Los Angeles, CA

Dear A.:
Yes, it was quite suspicious how he could drown in his own pool. Personally, I think it had something to do with RACISM. Because according to the media, anything about him had to do with racism. And considering how the city went berserk after his trial, I wouldn’t put it past some angry white bigot hockey fan who resented the fact that the city’s hockey team, who finally won the Stanley Cup, was named after Rodney! Jealousy can be really ugly.

But even if you are a racist who hated King, you gotta admit, “The L.A. Kings” sounds way better than “The L.A. Furmans” or something. (And truthfully, the team could have been named after Martin Luther King, Jr., or Don King. Or Burger King. So ya never know.)


Hey Bru-Hed,
Did you hear Charlie Sheen is going to do a new series called ANGER MANAGEMENT on the F/X channel?

Chuck L.
Vanitycard, NY

Hey Chuck,
Yes, I did. Great title, eh? He’s gotta be better at it than Adam Sandler–Adam never ranted against Jews or drank tiger blood! But I hear Charlie sobered up and acted like a true professional during filming. Which means the show probably sucks. Hopefully he’ll get coked up again by the second season if it lasts.


Beer Abby:
I need to lose 30 pounds but don’t have a lot of time to do a full workout. What is the ONE exercise that can help me lose the most weight?

Mike Moore
Highonhog, MI

Dear Mike:
There are literally thousands of different exercises that help trim fat. But the single activity that helps the most people lose the most weight is one you can do before every meal: push the damn plate away from your fat face!
(How do you think I got MY awesome beer bod? That and 40-ounce curls, of course!)


Mr. Hed,
I hear DC went ahead and published the new series BEFORE WATCHMEN, without Alan Moore’s permission. What did you think of the move, and the comic book itself?

Darwyn Cookme
Screwmoore, England

Mr. Cookme,
First, I don’t read new comics. I don’t understand ‘em and they’re too depressing. I like fun stuff like when I was a kid, like Red Sonja in a metal bikini. And I didn’t read the original WATCHMEN either. But as for DC’s move, what do you expect? They got a hot property and want to exploit it for all the dough they can. It’s called capitalism, and it’s what enabled hypocrites like Moore to make a damn good living. So he can bite my beer belly, stop his pussy-ass whining, and get with the program like his smart partner, Dave Gibbons, and use the property to make some money–if not for himself and his family, then for whatever worthy causes he believes in (if there are any *other* than himself he does believe in, of course)!

I have only one question, though. Who the hell is Alan Moore? I don’t recall seeing his name on ESPN.


Oh dang it! That Craig guy is giving me the hook already. I told you jealousy is ugly! You’d think he’d appreciate having a genius like me on staff. Maybe next week I’ll buy him a copy of BRU-HED’S GUIDE TO GETTIN’ GIRLS NOW! to help his love life. [Helping me with the girls ain’t no help!  -Craig]



Bru-Hed Closeup

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