A huge, humongous, honking hello to you and yours, fearless readers, leaders and losers! It’s your pal Bru here to help you make sense (and cents) of the world around you and the world between your tiny ears. Got a problem? Curiosity? Situation? Request? Whatever you need, I’m here to help…without the government!
Let’s get to some emails…



Beer Abby:
I just got back from Comic-Con in San Diego. It was a blast!! But I have so much email I missed, things around the house to do, laundry, job stuff, family stuff to attend to that I missed. And I have all the freebies, schwag and stuff I bought from the show to organize, read and store. I don’t know what to do first! What do you recommend?

Mike P.
Overwhelmed, CA

Dear Mike:
You, my friend, have to prioritize. That means deciding and separating what’s urgent, important, both and neither. You can make a list of all you have to do and make columns for each category and then see what goes where.

Or you can deligate!

Give your laundry and luggage and family crap to your wife or girlfriend (or Mom if you still live in your folks’ basement). Throw all your free stuff into a box and sell it at a garage sale or put it on eBay–you don’t have room for it and you can use the money to pay the ridiculous hotel bill you no doubt rang up. Dump all the crap you bought into a box and shove it in the closet because you’ll never have time to read it all anyway, especally since you still have stuff you bought last year and the year before you haven’t read yet! You can go through it all when you retire, and by then you’ll have forgotten all about it and it’ll seem like Christmas.

You’re welcome.

Dear Bru-Hed–
When my pal emails me pics from his Windows computer, I can see and download them on my Mac. But when I send him photos from my Mac, he can see them but can’t download them as attachments. But on my computer it says they *are* attachments. What gives? How do I get around this?

Steve Gates
Emeryville, WA

Dear Steve–
How do you get around it? Dump your Mac and buy a Windows machine, or tell your buddy to dump his Windows machine and get a Mac. Or just wait till the two companies merge. The way things are going in technology, it shouldn’t be too long!

Hey, Bru:
Got any tips for paper and related things?

Martha S.
Versatile, NY

Hey, Martha:
Here’s a few:

-To remove cellophane tape from paper or cardboard, just heat the tape with the point of an iron. It will pull off easily.

-To remove mildew from most papers and books, dust it with corn starch and let it sit for several days before brushing it off.

–When stapling pages together, binding them first with tape and stapling thru that will make it more permanent.

–If you’re out of white-out (or just too cheap to buy it like me), you can just dip a toothpick or matchstick in bleach and use that to erase ink.

-Got a ballpoint pen that won’t write even though you know it still has plenty of ink left? Hold the end of it in your warm hand for several minutes to loosen the ink, or even dip the tip into boiling water for a minute or so.

-If you have a pencil or pen on a sloped surface, stick a thumbtack in the side to keep it from rolling away when you put it down.

-An ordinary emery board can be used to clean erasers. Keep one in your desk drawer/pencil case, or (for artists), tape one to your drawing board.

-Got an envelope flap that won’t stick, or you hate licking the awful-tasting flap like a dog? Use nail polish remover.

-Lastly, you probably know you can hold a letter over steam and it will unseal without leaving evidence. But how do you seal an envelope to prevent steaming it open? Easy–use the white of a (raw) egg. It’s goopy and yucky, but sticky!

And speaking of yucky, we’re at the last email…

Beer Abby:
I heard the Spider-Man movie broke a box-office record! Doesn’t that make it awesome?

Mark Web
Irony, CA

Dear Mark:
Which record are you talking about? A “Tuesday opening”? That’s dumb because how many movies have actually opened on Tuesday to begin with? (Especially when you adjust for inflation!). Making $137 million in a “six-day opening”? Gimme a break–six days? Divide it by a half and you have a healthy-but-not-AMAZING $70 million opening weekend. Puh-leeze.

Or did you mean the record for the most boring first half-hour in superhero movie history? Or the record for major plot point (searching for Uncle Ben’s killer) being dropped halfway thru? Now *that* does make it awesome…but not in a good way! You don’t have to be a web-head to tell which Spidey origin flick is the better one.

Now make sure you send some more good questions, kiddies. I want your best so I can give you mine! Be cool and stay hydrated. Or be hydrated and stay cool. I don’t care as long as you come back next week!



Bru-Hed Closeup

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