Mike is feverishly putting together a special “A Picture’s Worth” wrap-up of this year’s 2011 San Diego Comic Con.  (Be sure to read his special reports from the show if you haven’t already here and here.)  Wanting to keep you in fresh comic nerdery on this fine Monday, I present a look at some often overlooked “comic book” films.

There are a thousand and one movies based on comic books. It seems like there’s a new one released every week. Many are huge studio blockbusters (Spider-Man, X-men, Batman, etc).  There are lots of others that you may not have even known there were based on comics.  Here’s a quick look at some of the more overlooked comic movies you may have missed.  

Kick-Ass.  Based on the comics by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.  Dark humor mixed with some no-holds-barred reality.  This film is fun from start to finish.  Be warned though, this one is NOT for the kiddies.


RED.  Based on the comics by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner.  Action, humor and some wonderful performances make this a really fun film.


Road to Perdition.  Based on the graphic novel by Max Allen Collins.  A fantastic movie, directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty), with stunning cinematography by Conrad Hall.  Well worth seeing.


A History of Violence.  Based on the graphic novel by John Wagner and Vince Locke.  Directed by David Cronenberg and starring Viggo Mortensen.  Simply a well made film.  Well worth renting.


In addition to these, I’ve got to mention a few higher profile films based on comics that are simply outstanding and highly recommended.

V for Vendetta – Maybe it didn’t follow the graphic novel closely enough for some, but it made one hell of a film.

Sin City – Frank Miller’s noir world come to life.  Simply outstanding.  Mickey Rourke’s performance as Marv is spectacular.  Look for a very creepy appearance by Frodo, Elijah Wood.

Watchmen – Another Alan Moore graphic novel. (He also wrote V for Vendetta).  Some were miffed at the changed ending.  I felt it was better than the book’s.  The look and feel of the graphic novel comes through beautifully though.

Men in Black – Sci-Fi fun.  Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are both terrific.



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