I love our logo.  When the time came to give Wednesday’s Heroes it’s own website, I knew I wanted a logo.  Something simple yet memorable. I’d recently purchased some artwork from Fred Hembeck and thought he’d be perfect for the job.  His art style is instantly recognizable, simple, clean – everything you could want in a logo.  But would he do it?  To my delight he was all for it!

Here’s a look at how our humble little logo came to be…


Fred supplied three initial layouts for me to look at. This was rough #1.
Rough #2
Rough #3 – This one has a terrific “Schoolhouse Rock” feel to it, but just wasn’t what I was looking for.
From Fred’s first three offerings I asked to keep the Artist character from rough #1 (sans mask), and the fantastic Artie Simek lettering from rough #2. Other than the black brush, shoes and the misplaced apostrophe (totally MY fault, not Fred’s!) this is pretty much our logo!
Little more than polishing on Fred’s part at this point. You’ll note slight changes to the Artist (legs, hair), the brush and shoes are no longer black. Fred also tightened the lettering a bit.
I asked Fred for advice on coloring ideas for the logo and after many different combinations, leaving it simple worked best. All attempts at adding color to the Artist character detracted from the impact of the logo.


So there you have it!  Fred (as always) was a joy to work with.  Be sure to visit Fred’s facebook page to keep up to date with all things Hembeck!  (He also has www.hembeck.com, but updates there seems to have stopped.)

If you’re wondering who Artie Simek is, he was a legendary letterer for both Marvel and DC.  Back in the day when all lettering was done painstakingly by hand, Artie was the best. (Being a huge Daredevil fan myself, both Sam and Joe Rosen were also favorites of mine!)  The writers and artists get all the credit, but guys like Artie Simek who did the lettering greatly contributed to the look and style of the books.  I found this wonderful tribute to Artie here.



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  1. Mike Pascale

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  1. Thanks a ton for posting…I’ve been curious about that stuff since day one. Plus I love Fred and his work, and the logo is no exception! Just gives off that great Silver Age Marvel (and even EC) vibe!

    Even for those folks who don’t get the “Wednesday” connection (the day new comics go on sale), when they see the logo, they instantly “get it”. Nice!

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