bru-hed-banner2Mike Pascale first drew Bru-Hed in 1986, on the back of the sketchbook of his friend, Dean Armstrong. They both got a laugh out of it at the time, but it was not until seven years later that this funny, beer-swigging character actually appeared in his first comic.

Bru-Hed is a “guy’s guy”: ultra-conservative (not really), skirt-chasing, obnoxious, and often more than a little gone on “Pudweiser, All-American Beer.”

He wrote a year-long advice column, BEER ABBY for us (All archived for your reading pleasure).  Currently he’s our own in-house movie critic.  Every week BRU’S REVIEWS picks a flick and gives us a straight forward, spoiler-free review.  And of course there are his comics!

Follow the links below to dive into Bru-Hed’s world! (caution! You may fall in love!)