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HELL-o, heavenly angels and devilish demons! It’s yer pal, beer-totin’, chip-snackin’, skirt-chasin’ Bru-Hed, with a a special edition of Bru’s Reviews. We go to the great beyond for a lightning-bolt quick review of the newest comic book movie, R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department) starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. Based on the 20th century Dark Horse comic book written by Peter M. Lenkov, it’s kind of a MEN IN BLACK meets GHOSTBUSTERS.



  • Cars are dropped and flipped onto pavement like giant four-wheeled bowling pins. Which is cool to watch. (Not good when you get caught underneath one like Ryan Reynolds’ character does.)
  • Some pretty wild-looking (and somewhat gross) monsters (dead and rotted souls on earth called “deados”).
  • Mary Louise Parker. Not only is she easy on the eyes, she looks cute in white knee boots, has a perfect attitude for the part, and has some of the best lines.


  • Nice perfect panty shot of Reynolds’ wife at the beginning! Sadly no more after that but when you rent it, you’ll want to hit the pause button.
  • Jeff “The Dude” Bridges is always a unique, quirky character
  • Clever concept and twist on some familiar themes.
  • Some good effects, especially the whole “death freeze” thing at the beginning. Really well done and perfectly eerie.
  • Each character has an “earthly avatar”, how they look to the living. Bridges is smokin’ hot busty blond (played by Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show babester Marissa Miller). Flipping between shots of each is either funny or inconvenient depending on what you’re doing while watching. (Luckily I was in a theater so I was eating popcorn. But if you’re, err, waxing a bat, you’ll again have to hit “pause” a lot.)


  • Fans of the sitcom YES, DEAR will see a familiar-faced informant.
  • The two characters drive a Chevy “VCR” sedan like it was the Starsky & Hutch Torino!


  • If you’re eating like I was, you’ll want to look away during the first interrogation/puking scene.
  • Inevitable (unfavorable) comparisons to MEN IN BLACK.
  • The repartee between the two main guys doesn’t seem to really “click” as much as other such films.

  • This brings Ryan Reynolds one step closer to becoming a comic convention fixture who makes his living on autographs.
  • The whole “vortex in the sky” was already done in GHOSTBUSTERS and THE AVENGERS. I realize it made logical sense here, but it’s getting cliche now.
  • Seems like they spent all the dough on the stars, sets, effects and destruction. Not as much on the monsters which would have helped. Would have been cool to see more.



This was a breezy hour-and-a-half of brainless fun, but nothing special. RENT IT on Red Box for a buck or wait to see on Netflix or OnDemand for free. On the Ryan Reynolds scale, it’s between BLADE: TRINITY and GREEN LANTERN.

Have a heavenly week and some hellish fun!


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P.P.S.: I gotta give a special R.I.P. shout out to one of my fav’rite celebrities, the Hall Of Fame football hero, Art Donovan. Art not only looked like me (same haircut) but had the same attitude and hilarious sense o’ humor. Loved to watch ‘im on Letterman back in the day. I strongly recommend his entertaining book, FATSO: Football When Men Were Men. (Get the cheap paperback and not the fancy hardcover the ghouls are gouging folks on at eBay and Amazon.) Art, who was on a couple championship Baltimore Colt teams, passed away at the ripe age of 88, the day after the first Baltimore Raven was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Too cool. Thanks, Art.


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