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THIS WEEK: The much-hyped and anticipated animated Disney superhero fun-flick introducing marshmallow balloon-man Beymax the robot and his five human heroes, led by a kid actually named Hiro. Plus the short film “Feast.”
Written by Jordan Roberts and Daniel Gerson & Robert L. Baird with story by Don Hall and Jordan Roberts. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams.




By Bru-Hed
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  • Disney upped their game here on the characters, comedy and animation fronts. Definitely one of the flat-out funniest films from the studio in a while (including FROZEN, and without the silly singing).


  • That humor is almost exclusively due to the robot Beymax, one of the most fun, funny and huggable characters in animated films this century. (And not as obviously or annoyingly over-the-top as FROZEN. In fact, think of Beymax as the anti-Olaf.)
  • The comedy isn’t just slapstick, either. A great study in simplicity. It’s really amazing how you can get an audience to collectively laugh out loud at a character just trying to walk around a table!

BigHero6 cast

  • Fairly diversified for a mainstream Disney flick. Asian main characters, plus a big black dude with dreadlocks to go along with the usual token whities.
  • GEEK ALERT: Fans of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers: Assemble cartoons will notice the film’s main characters were created by two of the four members of the “Man Of Action” writers collective, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle.
  • Masked villain plus microbots equals cool evil threat.


  • For you dog lovers, the opening short, FEAST, is a doggie delight. Took me a while to notice what was going on in the background with the dog’s owner(s) but the dog himself is cute and fun. [MIKE: well-done with a unique-looking 2D computer animation.]
  • Makes you want to go into science. If you’re smart enough.
  • Opening robot fight sequence is cool as well as hilarious! I could watch it three more times.
  • This movie is nominated for my Cameo Of The Year Award.
  • I want my own blow-up Max. Just to deter bad guys with his adorableness.
  • Nice bits of action mixed with wonder, chases, fights, explosions and other amusement park-type rides.


  • The scene in the cop station, which you’ve seen in previews for the last six months, is still funny!
  • When Beymax’s battery runs low, he sounds and acts like he’s drunk. (“We jumped out a winnnnnndow!”)
  • Several candidates for 1) new catch phrases and 2) opportunities for drinking games. (1-“I am not fast.” 2-“Are you satisfied with your care?”)
  • Great choices for some of the voices, including SNL’s Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass, and Scott Adsit as Beymax.
  • I want at least half of the awesome tech at Tanada’s geek school!
  • GEEK ALERT TWO: Make sure you get a good look at the family portrait at Fred’s house! Then stay till after all the credits for a great, funny surprise!






  • Wow, there seems to be more death in this than most Disney flicks. Even if they may not all be what they seem to be, it’s still some pretty heavy stuff for a kid’s flick. Guess it’s necessary to teach, but jeez.


  • Though the two brother main characters are supposed to be Asian, they’re the whitest Asians I’ve seen. You can almost hear the suits nervously saying, “They’re not white enough!” Caucasian audiences won’t go for Asian main characters? Yeah, movies with Bruce Lee or Lucy Lui or Jackie Chan never made any money in the USA. Right.
  • A couple plot holes and “gee, how convenient” sequences, but hey, this is not the type of film you watch to analyze the plot.


  • That is one fat-ass cat!
  • The ending may strike some as contrived. Especially if you think about what that “surprise” does.
  • Is Fred a tribute to Shaggy from Scooby Doo or a ripoff? You tell me.







You’ll want to see this right now on the big screen and then enjoy it all over again on video where you can pause for background detail, rewind the gags and take in all the special features. Great for kids as well as their folks–universal appeal for anyone with any sense of humor, wonder and childlike fun. As much as I hate animated kiddie crap, I loved this. Not including the 3D LEGO movie, this was my favorite “traditionally” animated flick of the year!







P.S.: Pascale loves drawing cute characters as well as superheroes and villains. Big heroes, little heroes, one or six. How about one for yourself or a friend? Just ask Craig here!



DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of Wednesday’s Heroes, Mike Pascale, white folks, Asains, black dudes, fat cats or marshmallow robots. Bru-Hed and Beymax are going to battle the Devil in an upcoming feature, Big Head Hero 666!



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