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THIS WEEK: The second, eagerly-awaited installment of ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES with Will Farrell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner and Steve Crrell revisiting the ridiculousness as Ron Burgundy and company. You should know I regard the first one as a film classic and Ron Burgundy as one of my film heroes. If more men behaved like him, the woild would be a better and funnier place.  BONUS: This week’s a twofer!  I’ll also be reviewing Disney’s latest – Frozen.



  • Funny as hell, full of inappropriate, un-politically correct, sexist and racist comments and behavior, vulgar dialog and unrealistic stupidity in characterization and plot for the sake of cheap laughs. What’s not to like?

Anchorman 2

  • Hot chicks. Christina Applegate, though slapped a bit by Father Time, still warms my beer nuts; Kristen Wigg as Steve Carell’s (Brick Tamland’s) love interest gives us a big pressed marshmallow with her panties; and Meagan Good as Burgundy’s boss, Linda Jackson, is a damn fine bowl of chocolate milk and cocoa puffs to make the custard in your eclair bubble over. (Rats, now I’m hungry! I’ll be right back.)
  • Okay, where wuz I? Oh yeah…lots of the usual absurd ad-libbed lines and non–uh, what are they again? [Mike: non-sequiturs.] Yeah, those. Lots of them from Brick Tamland and Burgundy.


  • Creative substitutions for genital terminology. Favorite line: “You think you’re getting a handful of angel-hair pasta and end up with a battle of the bulge.” Plenty more where that came from.
  • Harrison Ford as Burgundy’s boss! Deadpans his way thru some absurdly funny dialog and situations. (He also morphs into…I won’t spoil it.)


  • No vomitting! Gotta be a first for this type of film.
  • The interracial dinner scene is uncomfortably hilarious.
  • The climax of the film has a battle of star-powered cameos of comedic heavyweights! I’m tempted to tell ya but half the fun is going, “Hey, isn’t that—?” You’ll dig it.
  • Some actually decent and pointed satire on the TV news industry in general and the whole 24-hour CNN–anything-is-news mentality we have today. Also some funny digs at billionaire Aussie jerk, Richard Branson, even though the real CNN was founded by Ted Turner!



  • As with any comedy, especially one built on absurdity and extreme behavior like this franchise, there are a few misses. Whether there are more hits depends mostly on your sense of humor.


  • Ron’s kid kinda got on my nerves.
  • NO outtakes or “line-o-ramas” during the credits like in the past. There was a short button after all the credits, but nothing brilliant.





If you have an open mind and a crazy sense of humor, SEE IT. Burgundy fanatics like yer ol’ Bru will have to BUY IT to get the gag reel and outtakes. Or wait till someone hopefully puts ’em up on YouTube.








NEXT UP: Disney’s latest animated princess epic, FROZEN. Since I wouldn’t be caught dead seeing a nancy-boy musical with stoopid fairy princess crap, I’ll turn it over to art-bag/nancy-boy Pascale.



MIKE: Hey, watch it, beer-bozo, or else I’ll draw you as the business end of a donkey costume you are.


P1.43 (FROZN_014M_G - Intl Payoff (Traditional))

Now, here we go with a quick run-down of FROZEN’s bullet-points:


  • The opening cartoon, “Get A Horse” with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, was phenomenal fun. It blends the look of a classic black-and-white 1928 short with the “normal” full color, rendered 3D animation of today in a clever and cute way. The little kids (especially the boys) in the audience were laughing their heads off at all the slapstick gags. I marvelled at the combination of handdrawn 2D and CG animation along with the mix of Walt Disney’s original Mickey voice and Marcellite Gardner’s high-pitched Minnie. First Mickey theatrical short since 1995 and the first ever to be directed by a woman (Lauren MacMullen); FROZEN was also co-directed by a woman for those keeping track.


  • Beautiful colors and transformation scenes. Spectacular scenery, especially the use of snow and ice. Both are very tough to render. (How do you surface and texture white snow to make it look real? And how do you make ice not look like glass? They accomplished both.)


  • Great for dates. My wife weeped at various points while laughing and smiling at others. If you manly men can sit through all the seemingly endless singing, you should get some major points with your ladies.
  • The snowman character, Olaf, was funny but didn’t become obnoxious. He could have easily been another JarJar but they used him just enough.
  • Some “modern” bits of dialog that came off as clever and genuinely funny rather than forced or patronizing. The personalities of the characters were refreshing and entertaining. The main “nemesis” wasn’t an evil villain in the usual sense, for a change.


  • First Disney film I’ve seen where the male character didn’t save the day. Feminists should love this one as it’s mostly about girl power. (Although I’m sure the more militant types will still find something to gripe about, but that’s their job.) Refreshing change of pace, and a positive message about sisters.
  • Cute button at the end of the credits if you can get your kids to sit thru them. (And frankly, they should so they can see how many talented and skilled people it really takes to make one of these films!)



  • For me, just too much with the singing. I’m not a musical fan to begin with, but the amount and timing of spontaneous break-into-song moments were more annoying and unnatural to my “guy-ears”. And the same song was used at least three times! Even tho it was varied, it came off as overkill.


  • The major plot twist with the “real villain” really came out of nowhere. A 180-degree flip with no previous inclination or foreshadowing at all. Gave the impression of writers in a corner.
  • Dead parent(s) and orphans are used so much they’re a Disney cliche.
  • The main character, Anna, is suspiciously similar to the one in TANGLED. (Same “creators”, too.)


  • The trailers and posters I saw all prominently feature the snowman and give the mistaken impression he’s the main character. Truth? He doesn’t even show up till one-third through, and is mostly there for comic relief. That worked out well as previously mentioned, but why the bait-and-switch? Did the marketing department not think moviegoers would be sold on a sister-centric story? (Apparenty they’re wrong as the film’s box office has been steadily good.)



See ItWith the disclaimer…IF you have little kids (especially girls) that are big Disney fans or you’re looking for a date film or dig musicals, SEE IT. Otherwise, for the typical straight guy, CATCH IT (if nothing else, you should see the Mickey short). My wife ranked this her second-favorite Disney princess film (behind BEAUTY AND THE BEAST). I preferred the 2D-look of PRINCESS AND THE FROG, the characters of ALLADIN and the story in TANGLED. (Granted, I still haven’t seen POCAHONTAS, MULAN or even THE LITTLE MERMAID; don’t even know if I’ve ever seen CINDERELLA all the way through. So take that for what it’s worth.) However you see it though, I hope you have fun.

Meantime, here’s hoping you and yours have a very magically merry Christmas or whatever holiday you enjoy this time of year.


P.S.: I can tackle any Disney or other character for you or a loved one, at a price that’s magically affordable. Just ask Craig here!


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