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Hi there, film fans. Long time, no review! Been waiting for something decent to sit through. Still planning to see the “Thor in a race car” flick but judging from the lousy box office numbers, I (and you) may have to rush to see RUSH. However, I did see the George Clooney-Sandra Bullock space flick GRAVITY, directed by the unpronounceable Alfonso Cuarón. Now, let’s blast off!




  • They musta spent a bundle on this because it really looks like it was shot in space! Especially with the 3D effect. Closest thing we’ll get to being astronauts without a simulator. Hell, I barfed my popcorn on the Raiders fan in front of me! (He deserved it. Luckily I was able to blame the little kid next to me so he let me keep my teeth.) There’s a version in D-Box (moving, vibrating seats) so if you have an extra eight bucks or so, it might be worth trying…could be a thrill ride!  [From Mike: What he’s trying to say is that the cinematography and direction are first-rate, stunning and well-executed. The opening scene build is just brilliant. Listen very closely. Several other scenes make excellent use of audio techniques as well.]

Gravity debris

  • Speaking of 3D, I think they really made it work. Definitely one of the best uses of the effect I’ve seen–especially when the debris field comes flyin’ atcha…Whoa! No idea how fast that crap flies!

Gravity - Bullock

  • Sandra Bullock does her impression of Sigourney Weaver (Ripley) in ALIEN–takes off her space suit and shows off her undies (which look good when wet!) Nice. For a babe her age, she’s still err, a babe! Especially liked the close butt shots. Alfonso is a horndog! Guys, if you watch it at home, make sure you’re alone.

Gravity - Clooney

  • Clooney is his usual entertaining awesomeness. Man’s man.
  • Plot actually made sense. I ain’t no astronaut but it sure sounded plausible. Hopefully some real space dude will review it and let us know how accurate it was. I did not see a NASA consultant listed in the credits, which is unusual, but maybe I missed it. No way could you make a film like this without talking to the real deal.
  • More suspense/fake outs than an old movie serial. Every time you think Bullock is safe, watch out! That’s all I’m gonna say.



  • Not enough Clooney and no guns.
  • The opening scene is literally silent, so if you’re in a noisy theater or sitting next to some yapping teen, chomping fat guy or whining brat, you’ll want to move. (Come to think of it, two people got up and moved while I was munching my popcorn and farted. I figured the tension could use some comedy! Screw ‘em.)
  • Some felt that the Bullock could have been more developed (her character, not her boobs…though those could always be bigger!); maybe more back story or flashbacks or dream sequences or whatever movie lingo they use. Might make you care about her more, if you’re into that kinda thing.
  • Definitely a couple stretches regarding coincidences, both with behavior, action and machinery. But ya need that to keep it interesting.
  • Cheap Chinese space equipment! They missed a good chance for a “Made in China” gag. Who doesn’t design a capsule to land right-side up?
  • No aliens! Not even a UFO sighting. Dang government conspiracy.




Bru's Reviews Rating See It!

Minor gripes aside, you gotta SEE IT. In 3D. Especially if you ever wanted to know what it’s like to float in space…and sit next to Sandra Bullock in her underwear!






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