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THIS WEEK: The long-awaited, about-time conclusion of the Hunger Games trilogy-turned-“quadogy” film franchise. Katniss, Gale, recently unbrainwashed-but-still-unbalanced Peeta and company plan to storm the capital and end the reign of Snow (as in Donald Sutherland). BRUS-REVIEWS-BUTTONBattles and deaths abound.
Screenplay by Peter Craig and Danny Strong; adaptation by Suzanne Collins from her novel. Directed by Francis Lawrence (still no relation to Jen).







  • All the same cast is back: Jennifer Lawrence, Liam “Thor’s brother” Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson, and even the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman (this and the previous film were shot at the same time; though why they waited a year to release this one, I have no idea). Picks up right from where the last one ended, with Katniss getting a neck brace after Pita Bread went nuts on her.


  • Great scenery, special effects, vehicles, ships and such, as you’d expect by now. (Especially dug the TV monitors that just popped to life out of nowhere for “mandatory viewing” messages from the capital, and the “holo,” a hologram map of the city.)
  • Most of the battles are either suspenseful, action-packed or spectacular.
  • One good shot of Katniss’s boobs getting wrapped up and you can tell it’s “cold” in the room, if ya know what I mean. Heh. But no great butt shots like the other films.
  • Nice assortment of movie posters.


  • Creepy “mutts” are back, scarier, nastier and crazier than ever.
  • The love triangle that’s been brewing is finally acknowledged, mentioned, confronted and decided.
  • Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) is finally back in her wild and wacky color-soaked outfits. Even Stanley Tucci’s Caesar shows up in a cameo.

Effie Trinket

  • No flashbacks or subplots this time—it’s all pretty much straightforward mission stuff, and only a few scenes at the Rebel HQ and capital.
  • A few truly outskirt-of-the-cushion and/or nibble-the-nails suspenseful scenes.
  • Of the two big twists at the end, one was totally out of the blue and effective.





  • Despite all the battles, this one still felt almost as slow as the last one. There’s a lot of tracking, planning and resting/talking between the fights. Just overall too long.
  • As you’d expect from final blockbusters, some likable and previously important characters don’t make it. Spoilers aplenty.
  • The supposedly “OMG dramatic” scene at the climax was so obvious I think even the guy asleep in the back saw it coming.


  • Katniss never wears the cool burgundy outfit she wears in all the posters.
  • Someone please show me the cat that stays put and calmly ducks when you throw a heavy object at it! Seriously, don’t insult us. I’ve thrown nerf balls at a cat and watched it take off like an ICBM. WTF?
  • If your goal is to not be recognized, it’s probably a good idea to put on some kind of makeup to cover your face, other than just put a hood over your head. (Even Green Arrow learned that!)
  • How do two white folks have an Asian baby with a head as big as its mom? Yeesh.

hunger-games-mockingjay-2 HOOD

  • Katniss at times seemed as worn out as the audience after all these films.
  • I usually hate movies with multiple endings. This one could’ve ended three times. After the first, you’re like, okay, that makes sense; after the second you’re like, “what, there’s more?” and by the third you’re praying it’s over. (I also wish I had butter for the extra corn they added.)



BruRating_RentItRGBRENT IT

If you’ve stuck with this franchise this far, might as well finish it. If not, no reason to start with the last flick. The effects and battles are cool enough, and the twists and resolutions are decent. It’s just four too-long movies was too long a series. It became more like a relief. Glad I didn’t waste even more time reading the books!





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