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THIS WEEK: The much-hyped and anticipated non-Batman family-themed space-flick from critics’ golden boy Christopher Nolan. Matthew McConaughey is a rocket pilot in the “near-future” where the human race is facing possible extinction, who’s charged with leaving his family for a multi-year voyage to find a new home planet.
Written by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan. Directed by Chris.







  • Like most space-fi these days, the imagery and effects are breathtaking. Some really gorgeous as well as trippy visuals to treat yer peepers. Combined with poetry, there are some very powerful scenes.


  • There’s no shortage of character development, growth and emotional depth. Almost as much character exploration as galactic exploration.
  • Some gripping life-or-death suspense in a few spots.


  • One of the few films where I’ve noticed the effectiveness (and volume) of the music. Good sound design overall with quiet and super-loud scenes. (If you see it in DFX or IMAX, your seats may even vibrate–mind did!)
  • Some really nice and very emotional (good and bad) father-daughter stuff. Some have called this Nolan’s love letter to his daughter; if so, it shows. You may need some tissues for peeper leakage.


  • Did not see one mention that Matt Damon was in this. Though his part isn’t huge, it’s significant. And he’s as good at playing a dick as he is a good guy. (You’ll have to see the movie to find out which one he is here. HA!)
  • Definitely a thinking-dude’s flick. If you got “A”s in science class, this one’s fer you. Same if you’re a fan of Dylan Thomas and his “Do not go gentle” poem. You’ll hear it a lot.
  • Michael Caine still has the screen presence he’s known for, even when he’s underplaying the role.
  • Dodge trucks are indeed Ram tough.

interstellar TARS

  • The robot TARS at first looks like a lame slab of granite with two rectangles on the side, but after a while you see that it can sub-divide itself dozens of times/ways that are really cool. And it can move pretty fast!
  • The voices of the robots (TARS and CASE) sound like regular actors rather than your usual unemotional robot/mechanical voice. In fact, it’s hard to tell them apart from the characters most of the time.
  • The scenes shot in Iceland look awesome, like they did in PROMETHEUS and nearly every other outer space sci-fi movie this decade. Best looking barren otherworld on earth.
  • The dust effects on earth are almost as amazing as the effects among the stars.
  • Despite some despair and desperation and cynicalness, there’s still plenty of hope and optimism. [MIKE: he means “cynicism.”] No, I didn’t! I had a cynicsm once but some ointment took care of it.









  • The movie is two hours and 49 minutes long. (The Hobbit tilogy called and said this could use some editing.)
  • Be prepared to hear the name “Murph” like a thousand times. Sometimes McConaughey pronounces it “Merv,” but it’s the same name. Over and over.
  • Why is it that movies in the “near future” always use cars that are 10-20 years old? Do people in the future stop buying new cars?

intertellar nolan,mcon

  • I never realized that when Anne Hathaway chops off her hair, it really makes her eyes and mouth look huge in comparison to the rest of her face. And when it’s 10-feet-tall on screen, it can be a bit scary.


  • Her character is pretty corny at times and useless at others.
  • Not one bit of hot bod changing into a spacesuit like ALIEN and GRAVITY had.
  • Speaking of GRAVITY, the outside-the-ship stuff here isn’t nearly as believable.
  • I could not see any mention of what the hell TARS and CASE stood for. (I didn’t even figure out that CASE was a separate robot from TARS till at least two-thirds thru! Their voices sound too much alike as well.)
  • The “blight” thing is never shown anywhere else other than McConaughey’s farm and town. Nor is there any decent explanation for where it came from or what happened around the globe. How would there be any dust storms in New York, Chicago, London, Oslo, Beijing, Hawaiian islands, etc.?


  • Where were the animals? Dogs and cats? A character made a souffle, and I know from watching DOCTOR WHO that you can’t make one without eggs. So where were the chickens? And if you can eat eggs and chicken, why is everyone eating corn? And if corn can grow, what happened to all the fruits and veggies in the tropics and other places? And where were the birds who eat the corn?
  • Speaking of the Doctor, the wormhole/spacey stuff here made that show look like 2nd grade. My head’s still spinning trying to figure some things out.
  • At least one major twist is pretty easy to figure out nearly from the get-go. (And I usually suck at that kinda thing.)


  • A weird romance thing comes way out of left field for no reason, just so a character can make a speech about love. No foreshadowing at all.
  • The problem with bending reality and continuums and crap is that it always raises more questions than it answers. No spoilers, but you’ll find yourself saying, “Well, if they could do X, why didn’t they just do Y and avoid all that other BS?” more than once.






If I could travel back in time and get a degree in quantum physics from M.I.T., I could actually understand this film. For fans of THE BIG BANG THEORY, this is what you’d call a Sheldon movie. Most people (and especially critics) will be too embarrassed to say they didn’t get it and will call it “brilliant” even tho they couldn’t explain it to save their lives. I’m thrilled that Nolan swung for the multi-dimensional fences, but a lot of it just makes no sense other than being weird for the sake of being different.
Again, some great visuals, trippy twists, emotional scenes and funky spacey stuff, but it takes too much patience for a real man like me. I’d rather spend three hours watching a Seahawks game!




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