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THIS WEEK: We look at the Ron Howard/Peter Morgan race-flick, RUSH, starring THOR (Chris Hemsworth) and Daniel Brühl as history’s Formula One drivers, James Hunt and Niki Lauda.



  • Fantastic cinematography. There’s been a gazillion racing movies but Opie found a way to make things look both unique and exciting. Pascale said something about Shots and angles. It’s just cool car stuff. One of the characters said it best: “Men love women but they love, LOVE CARS.”


  • Acting top-notch.
  • Actors actually looked like the real guys.
  • Sleek, fast cars and sleek, fast women. I couldn’t afford either, but it’s sure nice ta look!
  • Nudity! I didn’t need to see Thor’s bare butt but the ladies (and certain boys) will love it. He had to lose weight to fit into the racecar, but he’s still built like a Thunder God, and ripped. I, however, needed to see boobies–and I did! Win-win.


  • Most people know about Formula One racing. But who knew there was two and three? Makes sense, I guess. But I learned something. (And for me, that’s rare, ’cause I usually know everythin’!)
  • The movie managed to make the boring exciting. Watching tiny cars go in circles on TV is a lot different from the POV of the driver, or being part of the car!

Rush Car


  • A lot of stuff to cram into one film, with both racing thrills and results as well as character stuff and history and relationships. So it seems like there’s a lot of footage that was cut.
  • Having one’s lungs vacuumed is godawful. That’s what Nicky Lauda had to endure after his accident. Yuck. I had to turn away for a scene so I could keep my candy down.


  • Along those lines, James Hunt apparently threw up before each race. And we get to see it. Too many times.
  • I hate movies where people speak foreign languages but you only get subtitles for some of the dialog. Come on, man, we don’t sprecken ze Krout! If you’re gonna translate, translate it all.



Bru's Reviews Rating See It!SEE IT. It’s not playing in many theaters any more (sorry, I had to see other stuff first) but if you can catch it at a cheap, second-run theater, you’ll definitely get your dough’s worth. Probably the closest you’ll get to feel what it’s like to drive one of those 170-mph cars.




P.S.:  How about an original art commission from Pascale for Halloween? Cars, girls or guys, he can do ya good. If you ask now he won’t have to RUSH (Ha!). Just ask Craig here!









DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of Wednesday’s Heroes or Mike Pascale or any racing car driver. Bru wants to race beer trucks so that when he wins, he can shake a bottle of brew instead of champagne.




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