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THIS WEEK: After being the “guide-in-his-ear” of top CIA agent Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy goes deep undercover on her first field assignment and hilarity en…what’s that word? (MIKE: “Ensues.”) No, hilarity doesn’t sue anybody, you idiot, it just happens!

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Anyway, Jason Statham also stars as a rogue operative/reluctant partner as they try to take down evil hottie Rose Byrne and stop the sale of a nuke bomb.
Written and directed by Paul Feig.




  • If you liked Feig’s BRIDESMAIDS and THE HEAT, you’ll dig this too. More McCarthy antics and characters, with tons of swearing, crude jokes, sight gags, schtick and silly situations.
  • You’ll also notice familiar faces of other actors from those films (good or bad, depending on your opinion). One of which is McCarthy’s off-screen hubby, Paul Falcone, in a funny cameo (but not as funny as the one in THE HEAT). Miranda Hart was also a great choice as McCarthy’s co-worker pal.


  • Opening sequence with Jude Law as a James Bond-type was perfectly done.
  • Rose Byrne looks hot in a skin-tight dress. Butt seriously.


  • McCarthy shows a great range, from her demure, “regular gal” role in the beginning to her “tough-ass bodyguard” identity later on. And of course, her skills at physical comedy are among the best today. (Has anyone thought to pair her with Kevin James in a rom-com? I’d watch those two hefty bags pratfall over each other any day! Err, as long as there’s no nudity.)
  • Jason Statham is not only a badass, but a funny one. His blowhard, over-confident character here is hilarious.  Kind of a reverse Get Smart gag. He plays it dead straight and it works. And you gotta see his disguise.


  • The randy Italian dude that’s a reckless driver. Reminds me of Pascale—always horny and a lousy driver. (MIKE: Hey! Stick to the movie!)
  • McCarthy’s various cover identities were also clever and funny. (You smarter PC-types might appreciate the social satire, especially with her female boss.) She also kicked serious butt as an female Bond, which you don’t see in a lot of movies. (The kitchen fight was awesome!)

holding guy

  • The gags and action flow pretty easily. If you don’t laugh at one, there’s another coming along soon. A lot of typical Feig quick-exchange swear-word sometimes-absurd dialog.
  • Did not see the plot twist coming. Not that it’s hard to notice, I was just too busy laughing.
  • During the credits there are various shots of McCarthy’s other identities that are humorous. Better, there’s a short-but-funny button/outtake after all the credits if you have the time to stay.






  • Some of the PC is obvious: barely any fat jokes. Kind of an elephant-in-the-dress thing that seemed odd sometimes. I mean, wouldn’t someone have a crack or five at an overweight agent? I sure would! (MIKE: Yes, but only if she couldn’t catch you.)
  • Speaking of obvious, I don’t care what shape she’s in, but McCarthy could not run as fast as a skinny guy fleeing for his life. He would have lost her for sure. A few other logic-stretch scenes, but hey, it’s a silly comedy so it’s easier to let slide.


  • Rose Byrne is hot in a skin-tight dress but that’s all we get! What’s the use of an “R” rating if it’s wasted? BRU’S RULE: For every three uses of the “F” word, there must be at least one shot of boob or butt. Too many flicks, including this one, violate this very important rule.
  • —Per that rule, seeing quick cuts of Jason Statham’s naked (fake?) boner does NOT count! Hard to unsee that.
  • If yer sensitive to that four-letter word or others, you should wait till this shows up edited-to-hell on network TV. (If they put beeps in for swearing and vulgar terms, the soundtrack would sound like Morse code!)


  • One nasty vomit scene I could have done without. If yer eating popcorn, avert yer peepers after the one guy falls over the stairs.
  • PC double standard: It’s bad to make fun of fat people but Italian stereotypes are okay? And where were the black folks in this flick? That’s the problem with PC.
  • Wish they showed outtakes during the credits.
  • (MIKE: As with THE HEAT, no storyboard artists are credited. I hope it’s because the director does his own.)


See It


I guess there’s not a lot to justify seeing it on a huge screen (other than the usual car chases and explosions), but it’s a lot of fun and there’s a chance of idiots and critics online ruining some of the gags and plot twists if you wait too long. Besides, it’s a nice palette-cleanser between all the superhero and fantasy flicks. McCarthy is more than just a female Kevin James or Chris Farley—she’s a gifted, versatile actress with bigger cojones than any action star, man or woman! Enjoy.




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