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THIS WEEK: Into the Storm – Multiple twisters come together to form the Godzilla of tornadoes that devastates a small Oklahoma city (filmed in Michigan, FYI).

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During the ordeal, a widower and his two boys, an absent meteorologist mom, a desperate stormchasing filmmaker and two drunken goomers tape it, cross paths and have their lives changed forever. Or something like that.

Written by John Swetnam, directed by Steven Quale.








  • For once, the trailers don’t disappoint. The massive funnel cloud here makes the one in the film TWISTER look like an amateur, thanks to improved CG. The disasters, damage, stakes and suspense are ramped up to keep you on the edge o’ yer seat. Great shot choices. Visually stunning.

intothestorm cast,crew

  • Same goes with the situations. Because most (but not all) of the film is supposed to be shot by characters’ cameras, you’ll feel immersed in the action. If you’ve never been in a tornado, you won’t want to be after seeing this. Or maybe you’ll have a new death wish. (If you have been in one, see the “Cons” section below.)
  • The emotional scenes, for the most part, deliver as well. Granted, there’s not much time for character development, but parents and teens alike should be able to relate. Especially if you see this with a loved one or when yer drunk.
  • Speaking of drunk, the two hillbilly storm-hunters (played by Jon Reep and Kyle Davis) are light comic relief. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get their own Web series. (I’d watch it, especially with free beer!)


  • The film begins with a pretty cool storm scene so you definitely know what yer in for.
  • I want a Titus tank of my own for the California traffic jams!



  • Those who’ve watched Detroit’s WDIV “Channel 4” news in the last 25 years will get a pleasant surprise.
  • As you might expect, a big-time “live every day like it’s your last” and “appreciate those you love” message abounds. Nuthin’ wrong wit’ dat.







  • Since it’s a disaster flick, the characters and their relationships tend to be what the highbrows call “unexplored”. That’s fine wit’ me, but those looking for “depth” and “development” will find reason to whine…as always. (These are prob’ly the same maroons who gripe that roller coasters are lousy transportation.)


  • If you live in the USA’s “Tornado Alley”, you’ll either want to update your insurance, beef up yer storm shelter, or just move. If you’ve survived a tragic twister or had loved ones hurt or killed by one, you probably should see another flick. (Or maybe you’ll just laugh at how over the top this one is. Up to you.)
  • The ending, though chock full o’ suspense, is fairly predictable. But most audiences won’t mind.
  • A couple high-school hotties with smokin’ bods…but none get their clothes blown off. (Hey, a guy can hope!)


  • Some pretty sick ways to die in a twister. I’ll take my chances with earthquakes–they’ll take you out quicker.
  • As is common with these types of films, there have to be some really stupid people and at least one stubborn authority figure to move the plot forward or justify a scene.


  • Anal-types may gripe that tornadoes don’t pick up half a dozen jet planes and 18-wheelers at once and whirl ’em around a couple hundred feet in the air. Just leave the science book at home.



See It



If you go in with the expectation of just having a wild ride with exciting visuals and what-happens-next-suspense, you should have a good time. I did. But it definitely needs the huge theater screen and big-ass sound to drive the thrills home. Enjoy!







P.S.: You never know when disaster may strike. So you’d better get your request for an original awesome art commission in NOW before you’re blown to bits! Just ask Craig here!




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