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Been a while, my movie maroons! Just nothing much out there that was worth seeing in a theater lately. More fun chugging brewskies in front of the cable nudie channels. But the most anticipated film of the season, THOR: THE DARK WORLD, is finally here, along with the most anticipated bullet-point review…



— Despite the different director (Alan Taylor), Asgard still had much of the magnificence and opulence of the first film, though a lot more of nature like trees and mountains. (Like those SAT words? I found ‘em in the thermos. Um, thermasaurus. Or whatever that book is called.) And the Rainbow Bridge/Bifrost is just as cool. Better look at how Thor goes from one realm to another, too.


–Special effects were tops again! (And a lot of ‘em, which I like when I’m payin’ big dough for the big films.) Check out the kid finger-lifting the truck. Only lame one I remember was the giant elf monster tossing a giant rock–looked like the rock was on a rope or something.


–Another hilarious cameo by Stan the Man Lee. This time he’s in two shots and has a quick (funny) line of dialog.

–Awesome fight scenes with Thor. He gets his immortal ass kicked and kicks immortal ass too. Seeing him being beat like the Hulk beat Loki in the AVENGERS was tough…will probably upset the Thor geeks out there, but it was effective.


–Thor’s mom can kick butt too! Forgot the actress that plays her (Rene Russo) was a badass fighter in LETHAL WEAPON 3.


–Heimdall is one of the coolest, most dignified and commanding supporting characters of any Marvel move. Must be the gold eyes. Same actor (Idris Elba) who plays in BBC America’s LUTHER and will be Nelson Mandela in a coming biopic.

Thor-Three film costumes

–Speaking of actors, Marvel gets props for picking up some majors. Anthony Hopkins as Odin (again), and the CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER preview has Robert Redford! While the stuck-up, pretentious douches in the MPAA will probably never give any superhero film a Best Picture Oscar, at least there’s no shortage of Academy Awards amongst the cast! So there!

–Marvel Studios has a new animated 3D logo that’s even better than the original.

–Special surprise comedy cameo by another major Marvel hero! Sort of. You’ll see. (No spoilers, remember?)

–[From Mike: more great stuff with the Warriors Three and Sif. Volstagg needs more screen time.]


–Doctor Who vs. Thor! Dark Elf Malekith is played by 9th Doc Chris Eccleston. But the poor guy has to speak “Elf language” for most of the film.

–The combining/interplay between the nine realms later on is both cool, brilliant and funny! Lots of brief comedy interspersed throughout this one.

–Asgardian/Viking funerals…I want one. Very cool way to go. [Agreed! -Craig]

–Despite the main baddie, Loki (Tom Huddleston) is THE best Marvel villain yet. Steals every scene. Love him/hate him–both fun.

–Not one, but TWO end credit buttons! Major story stuff plus some fluff. Stay till the very end.

–[From Mike: Appearance of an old, forgotten Marvel/Lee & Kirby villain. End credits for not only Thor creators Stan, brother Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, but also character/comic contributors Walt Simonson, Ariel Olivetti and others! Also, there were like six or eight storyboard artists! Most I’ve ever seen on any comic book film.]

Thor posters_Heim,Malekith



–Complicated plot. Starts with a bunch of exposition like the first one. Some “huh?” moments throughout but the action is happening so fast, there’s no time to think until it’s over. Don’t ask your buddy unless you have a pause button because you’ll miss something cool, funny or important.


–If you know anything about London (I don’t, other than it rains there, like, every single day), you’ll notice continuity gaffes, as the “walkie talkie” skyscraper shows up in various stages of construction throughout. I didn’t notice because I’m a proud American and other countries’ buildings mean nothin’ to me.

–Apparently no one on Asgard sheds tears, no matter who dies. I’m as much a manly man as anyone, but gee whiz. At least Thor yells a couple times.

–Bummed about one of the characters croaking, and confused about another. That’s all I’m sayin’ for now.


–Natalie Portman (as Jane Foster) is a great actress. Pretty, but not hot. Sif is a hottie but doesn’t get nekkid. And Stacy (Kat Dennings from TV’s TWO BROKE GIRLS) has nice big love pillows, but we never even see any cleavage. Yet Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is topless with a bunch of closeups. Come on, man! If the ladies and gays get theirs, where’s mine? [Go rent any movie made in the 1980’s]

Jaimie Alexander Sif

–A little too long in the middle. Could use some editing. Or a bathroom break.



See ItMinor gripes aside, you gotta SEE IT. Didn’t see it in 3D, only DFX (like a baby IMAX), which looked spectacular. If you can see it in IMAX without 3D, that’s probably the best.

As good as the first in some respects, not in some other. You decide.


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  1. While I enjoyed the film I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve become numb to stunning visual fx. They really don’t do anything for me any more. Maybe it’s because I’m a grumpy old man, or maybe it’s just that it seems EVERY “event” movie these days has soooo many of them. Give me great acting, superb character development, intellegent direction and a smart script..I’ll take that over VFX any day. That’s not to say Thor didn’t have any of these things but the focus was on the spectacle. I’ve always found that if you focus on the fundamentals you’ll get far more ‘bang-for-your-buck’ when it comes to the spectacle. Engadge your audience with characters they truly care about and you could cut your VFX budget in half.

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