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Now to the show, pals an’ gals! This week, a double-header for you bed-wetters and cheddar-heads.
First up: KICK-ASS 2, the sequel based on the comic by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

“Ordinary” kids and adults dress up like superheroes, get their ass kicked and kick ass (duh).



  • Every bit as violent as the first one. Not as much gunfire as PUNISHER: WAR ZONE or THE EXPENDIBLES, but plenty of punches, kicks, chops, stabbings, shootings, slayings, beatings and blood to satisfy your anyone’s inner sadist.


  • Many more goofy/wild characters and costumes and hilarious names. The villain’s new threads are especially um, interesting.
  • Plenty of funny dialog and exchanges, with loads of swearing, cursing and vulgarities.
  • Dick jokes and cootchie jokes.


  • Hit Girl! Can’t get too much of Chloe Grace Moretz and her purple-haired people-hacker.
  • More hot babes and bods than the first movie. A couple nice topless pool cuties (fake ones) along with some teenage girl sexy dances that will make any guy over 30 feel creepy. Even the bodybuilder dyke villain chick has a nice pair of canteloupes and firm glutes. There’s even a bit o’ beefcake for the goils.


  • Jim Carrey does a nice characterization that isn’t Jim Carrey-like. And John Leguizamo is always good. [you obviously never saw “The Pest” – Craig]
  • Some deeper moments to go along with the superficial fight stuff.
  • Stay for the button after the credits.



  • More gratituous puke than I’ve seen in a long time…or want to see again. Even worse when it’s coming from (or pouring onto) a hot chick! Same for the backdoor mess. You’ll want to finish your popcorn by the half-way point.
Enough puking already!
Enough puking already!
  • Some pretty gruesome deaths of people who didn’t deserve it.
  • Major hypocrisy: the ONE sex scene is covered by a bathroom door. In other woids…they have no trouble showing bloody close-ups of limbs being severed but can NOT show a guy and girl doin’ it for fun? (Never read the comic. Is it the writer, the director, the studio or the MPAA? No idea, but whoever’s responsible, I say WTF??)
  • Dick jokes and cootchie jokes (goes either way).
  • An obvious trend in both movies regarding adult family members and mentors.



BruRating_RentItRGBRENT IT. Very entertaining but there’s only a couple explosions; nothing really dependent on the big screen. Plus, you’ll be able to fast forward thru the puking scenes if you’re eating. (Or rewind over and over if you love that stuff.)





ABOUT: The great Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, HOT FUZZ, PAUL) and their mates (including Martin Freeman from SHERLOCK and THE HOBBIT) go on one last pub crawl and run into world-ending surprises.


  • Every time Simon Pegg teams up with director/co-writer Edgar Wright, it’s guaranteed entertainment. [see Shaun of the Dead  and Hot Fuzz!]
  • The usual snappy, witty, funny dialog. And the British accents aren’t too thick for us properly-speakin’ Americans.


  • Nice pacing. The reveal of the menace is perfectly done. Eerie and funny.
  • The expected wall and fence gags show up with new twists.
  • Nick Frost kicks major butt! He turns into a pasty, fubsy, drunken British Hulk in street clothes.


  • Surprising special effects are well done and suitably scary/creepy.
  • The goal: 10 pubs, five pints each, meaning LOTS of BEEEEEER. Always good. Even if it’s that warm English swill.
  • If you like “genre stew” as Pascale calls it, this starts off as a buddy comedy and then turns into action-horror-sci-fi-buddy comedy.



  • The ending kinda comes out of nowhere. It’s either a brilliant twist, a silly cop-out, bewildering or drunken fun.
  • A few hot chicks but no skin.
  • Gives a new (yucky) meaning to the term, “blueblood.”
  • A giant hunk of metal modern art that didn’t make much sense to me.
  • No outtakes during the credits and no button! Bummer. Gotta wait for the DVD, I guess.



BruRating_SeeItRGBSEE IT. Granted, there’s not as many big-screen special-effects spectaculars as a typical summer blockbuster, but there’s enough to make it worthwhile. And I wanna see these Brit blokes make funny films forever, so support ’em if ya can by buying a ticket or at least the DVD.
Hope that helps make your movie decisions easier!


P.S.: How about a kick-ass original art commission from Pascale NOW before the world’s end? I’ll drink to that. Just ask Craig here!

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