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My name’s Bru-Hed, “America’s Favorite Blockhead”™. I do movie reviews for those who hate reviews. You’ve seen the trailer and know the basics so I don’t waste time on plot crap. We’re both busy, so no blowhard “critique” to impress you wit’. No SAT words either. I jus’ give you Pros & Cons so you can make up yer own dang mind. My overall ratings: BUY IT (see it now in theaters, and good enough to watch again with the extras on DVD or Blu-Ray later), SEE IT (worth having the big screen experience or just seeing it, like, now), RENT IT (a good, solid flick; a must-see but not must-now), CATCH IT (okay for free, if you’re curious or drunk), or SKIP IT (you’d have more fun doing two hours of laundry).