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Here’s a progression of photos from the creation of a Captain America/Nick Fury/Red Skull commission.

Note most of these images were taken with my cell phone, so the quality will vary.

1-3 various stages of the inking process. Note details in conforming the chain mail to actually wrap around Cap’s body as a physical form, but NOT to sit skin-tight against his muscles. You might also note the details I leave to the inking stage, such as around Cap’s, um, shorts area. I’m blocking in areas of light/dark in pencil, for lighting and composition, but leaving folds and wrinkles within that area (and how light interacts with the raised or sunken folds) to the inking and coloring stage. You’ll also notice that there’s a lot of inking work that gets lost in the coloring stage in photos.

4. I colored Cap’s shield first.

5-6. I then moved on to Captain America’s face. Here are all of the colors I used in painting it. (Discounting his eyes and eyebrows). The final image on this progress chart is a large-size, true color image of the same area as image 6.

7. The earlier mentioned crotch of Captain America. Be humbled. All of the linework on his legs was completed in marker.

8. Final foreground shot. I used 3 different types of red ranges on Cap. The ground they’re standing on markers, but with a light, light ink-wash over it.

This is also everything that I inked. The background itself is painted with markers. I did this for two reasons. One, so that I could go bold with color and yet have the foreground still stand out due to the black ink lines; secondly, I just wanted to show people that you can really, truly PAINT with markers. Whether I painted well or not is really up for debate I guess, but I think I’ve shown that you can indeed paint with them and not just fill in between the lines.

Oh, and the ghost people you may see are Hydra soldiers, which myself and the client both planned on my adding, and both backed off on. The greens would have popped all of the reds nicely, but would have complicated the composition and probably made it too busy. You can see me playing around with this idea, though, in a couple of sketch cards.

9.-10. Painting The Red Skull

11. Detail from the completed piece.

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