A Brief Tribute To A Long Career: Things You May Not Know or Recall About Jerry Robinson

In what has become an alarmingly common trend the last few years, yet another Golden Age Great has met Life’s deadline. The multi-skilled and many-talented Jerry Robinson joined his peers in a world away from ours. He went silently in his sleep–good for him but bad for us. A peaceful, uneventful end to an exciting, […]

Painting On Plastic For Decorating A Door…Or Martha Stewart Does Redford Comic Shop!

A few years ago, my pal Andy who owns the Back to The Past Pop Culture Warehouse moved from a rented spot in Livonia to his current building in Redford, Michigan (just north of Detroit). The building had an odd looking “garage” door which was filled with panels. Since this door would be permanently closed […]

Huge Hugo 3D Pros and 1D Cons (and Zero Spoilers)

If you’ve not yet seen Martin Scorsese’s latest visual masterpiece, HUGO, I urge you to check it out–but in 3D. That’s right, Mr. “3D wastes my dough” is recommending paying the extra four bucks to put on the lame plastic glasses that make everything darker. Only because finally, I’ve seen a 3D film that not […]

Frank Miller, Political Cartoonist

As you no doubt have heard (unless you work for The Huffington Post, which just “broke” a critique yesterday–nice “scoop”!), Frank Miller wrote a rather scathing opinion about the Occupy Wall Street “movement” last week. Among other things, he called the entirety of their members “louts, thieves and rapists”, “iPhone, iPad wielding [sic] spoiled brats” […]

Writers vs. Artists

Among a half-myriad other things  (I’m trying not to hyperbolize unless it’s necessary), I’m a fan of lists. And judging by the massive success of David Letterman’s “Top Ten” lists and all the imitations/off-shoots/spin-offs for the last 20 or 30 years, many others are as well. Therefore, I’ve made up two for this week’s blog. […]

Pros and Cons of Cons and Pros, plus Last Long Beach Comic-Con Coolness

As a final wrap-up of my first West Coast convention appearance in over a decade (and my first convention setup anywhere in five years), I thought I’d offer a few observations along with the remaining fun photos. (For the first part, see last week’s A Picture’s Worth.)

Women of Wonder: Art That Helps

It’s that fun time of the year again! No, not Halloween–it’s WOMEN OF WONDER WOMAN DAY! The national charity art event to benefit domestic abuse shelters organized by award-winning author and comic book scribe, Andy Mangels. (You may recall that for the last five years it was called WONDER WOMAN DAY; sadly, some companies do […]

It’s Golden: Comics, Records, Kirby, Memories and Blog Posts

Well, we did it! Made it to number 50 of “A Picture’s Worth”. Couldn’t have done it without you (and, of course, Craig). Thanks for your support and readership. I really appreciate it. Hopefully I’ve entertained, educated and maybe enlightened you a few times along the way. And hopefully you’ll stick around for another 50. […]