GHOST RIDER movie review, crazy Nic Cage, Gary Friedrich creator/artist controversy and Marvel Nazis

Contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. Pictures copyright their respective owners. I know I teased last week the second part of my Trip To Hollywood with the Warner Brothers Studio tour, but I gotta be timely with these things and Ghost Rider is all the rage. (Literally, as in causing lots of rage in and out of […]

Trip To Hollywood Part 1 of 2: BloodMoon Movie Premiere

By Mike Pascale ©2012. All photos ©2012 Mike Pascale. Other pics ©2012 their respective owners.   Last week my wife and I took a drive down south to the entertainment–and traffic–capital of the world, the planet Hollywood. Not the restaurant, but the city. If you’ve been there, you know it’s really a world unto its […]

Ordering From Web Sites and Frank Reade. Or: “The Difference Between Read and Reade”

Another bit of fodder for my relationship of ambivalence (re: love-hate) toward Internet communication. I saw a mention of an beautiful and exciting new art book on Facebook, with a link to a news article. I clicked on the news article, fell in love with the book and decided to immediately pre-order one, as it […]

Digital Comics–Not Going Green With Or Without Envy

A Picture’s Worth #64 – Contents ©2012 Mike Pascale All pictures copyright their respective owners. Here’s another angle to digital comics that I think has been ignored or under-explored. While everyone else explores the economic factor ad nauseum, there’s a bigger consideration. One of the big themes lately is “going green”, or reducing one’s use […]

Digital Comic Sales–Can’t Buy The Numbers

Contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. All pictures copyright their respective owners. I’m neck-deep in storyboards for the next couple weeks, so the next few columns will be short. Appropriate for any discussion of a new year is new formats. Comics are no stranger to this, as there are not only Web comics and Kindle comic editions […]

Happy 2000-Plus-A-Dozen: Part 2 of 2

Okay, welcome to part two of two regarding the new/leap year. While last week we focused on last year, this week is for this year (how grammatically synergistic can ya get?) We’ve all been bombarded with plenty of Mayan calendar/Nostril-damn-us boom ‘n’ doom overkill as well as the upcoming Prez election, so I won’t bother. […]

A Brief Tribute To An Even Longer Career: Things You May Not Know or Recall About Joe Simon

This is getting morbid. No sooner did I write about Jerry Robinson’s passing as an “alarming trend of late”, did I learn about the passing of yet another great, Joe Simon (as well as Eduardo Baretto, with whose work I’m sadly unfamiliar. I hope to rectify that next year). Just like Jerry, Joe had a […]