Beer Abby #20: Playing the Playoffs from New England to San Francisco

Wow, where did the time go? Seems like 2011 was just a couple weeks ago. Oh yeah, it was. Now we only have 49 weeks till the world ends! Even worse, about 45 weeks till the stupid Presidential election. Wouldn’t that suck if you were elected and then the world blew up before you could […]

Beer Abby #19: “It’s 2012 But The World Can’t End Till After Football Season”

Happy week after New Year’s, my babes and brawn! It’s the week after the last holiday of “holiday season”, when everyone is supposed to be back and work and getting crap done–but most are still off physically or mentally, so not much gets done this week either. No problem, as it gives you folks a […]

Beer Abby’s – Best of 2011 Lists

Happy week after Christmas, kiddos and kiddies! It’s the week when nothing much gets done other than prepping for betting on bowl games and deciding what New Year’s parties to get drunk at and who to regret sleeping with the day after. In other words, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” And I’m […]

“Christmas Tips and Tricks”

It’s holiday season central here at Beer Abby. Merry Christmas to all my Christian pals! Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish buds! Happy Kwanzaa to all my NAACP peeps! And happy Winter Solstice to all my friends with two-seater Pontiacs! It’s me, Santa Bru, bringing you all kinds of goodies to the good little boys […]

“What’s Sexist?” by Bru-Hed

Greetings, you grubby-handed goons and goonesses! (I don’t think that’s a word but it should be). It’s your best blog pal Bru-Hed here to make your life a living heaven. How? By answering your deepest, darkest and dumbest questions about life, liberty and the pursuit of stupidity! (It’s our God-given right, you know. Right there […]

BEER ABBY #14: “DC Brand Is Hot, Aguilera Is Not”

Hello there, bastids and beeyotches! Hope your Tanks-giving gave you a tankful of food-and-football fun (unless you happened to bet on the Lions and Fins like I did. Thank goodness for the Crows!) Time to get back to woik and help you on with your lousy lives. Here’s some emails:

Thanksgiving with Turkeys from Frank Miller to Wall Street in a BMW with Rosie O’Donnell

Well, happy triptophan turducken day, my little men and women of blog-land! It’s yer pal Bru here wishing you a healthy meal, a happy family, and a hearty heap of hilarity for my fellow Americans and American Injuns. Everyone else, happy friggin’ Thursday! Let’s see if we can make it even happier with answers to […]

Beer Abby #11

Greetings, gallant guys and guiding gals! It’s your pal Bru, thumbin’ thru the dictionary to find erudite ways to entertain your ego! (I have no idea what “erudite” means, but it starts with an “e” so it woiks fer me.) In addition to entertainment, I give you education and advice you abso-tootly can’t get ANYwhere […]