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Friday Favorites – Batman #1 (2011)

This week’s favorite comes from Eric W. Meador… Hello everyone! I am here to share one of my favorite comic covers.  In later weeks I will pick past favorites, ones that have influenced me, but for my first “Friday Favorite” I want to pick a book that hasn’t even come out yet – Batman #1 by Greg Capullo! Why did I pick a comic that hasn’t come out yet? Collecting comics and art have been…

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Friday Favorites – Daredevil #163

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a Daredevil nut.  From the very first issue I read, I was a fan.  I’d been collecting the series for probably a couple years before I came across this back issue.  Whaa??? Daredevil vs the HULK??  That’s crazy!  Even my juvenile mind knew this was a total mismatch…but what a great cover, right?

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