“Are You Avatarted?” Part Two of Two: This ain’t no Star Wars, this ain’t no disco…

  Last time I talked about AVATAR’s 3-D ambitions and why I think the whole 3-D trend is a rip-off and act of desperation on the part of the studios to get you into the theater and away from your TV. (At least, until they perfect 3-D TV and can sell you more equipment along […]

“What is RIGHT with RIGHTS?” – Part 2

Last time we discussed (well, I answered, you sat and read) queries regarding copyrights and original artwork. Mainly, what rights you the collector of art have when buying a piece of published artwork. (Short answer: pretty much none, other than displaying it for private purposes or when selling. But there’s over 1350 words more that […]

“What is RIGHT with RIGHTS?”

I’ve been a member of a Yahoo! Group for comic book art collectors, artists, fans and dealers for probably ten years now. (The group, or “list” as it’s usually referred to, originated long before Yahoo! even had Groups; it’s called “Comicart-L”, and I’m guessing the “L” is for List.) One of the most frequent threads […]