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Kelley Jones and Len Wein Score with Swamp Thing: The Dead Don’t Sleep

Remember when comics were fun?  Before Hollywood figured out how to turn our favorite nerdy pastime into multi-million dollar franchise events?  All you needed for a great comic was a fun, action-packed story paired with equally fun and exciting art.  You didn’t need it to tie in to a huge multi-year company “plan”.  It could be dark, but never lost its sense of humor.  Want to experience that again?

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Garamon by Richard Cox

Garamon is a giant robot from the 1960s Japanese science fiction show Ultra Q.  They arrive on earth encased in meteorite-like cocoons called garadama. This is an 8.5×11 pen and ink piece I completed for a theoretical kaiju coloring book I’d like to have ready for next year’s Heroes Con.

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Mike Pascale sketching at SDCC – TODAY!

Our very own Mike “Bru-Hed” Pascale will be sketching for this year’s Cartoon Art Museum Sketch-a-thon! Friday 12-1pm, booth #1930. This is Mike’s first table appearance at SDCC in over a dozen years! Come on by, get a sketch, and say hello! It’s all for a great organization!    

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