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Goodbye, Batman. Thank you, Adam West.

*sigh* Goodbye, Batman. I was ecstatic when it was announced that Adam West and Burt Ward (Robin) would be guests at this year’s Silicon Valley Comic-Con, then equally disheartened when I never found them. I wish I could have met both, especially now. Adam West and his show literally influenced the rest of my life […]


©2017 By Mike Pascale Bernie Wrightson, one of the greatest fantasy artists, comic-book artists, ink artists and creature creators in history (and one of my favorite artists of all time) left the world today to join the ranks of his influences like Frank Frazetta, Graham Ingels and Franklin Booth. More than just a “Master of […]

Mel Gibson channels his martyr complexes into the most potent ode to pacifism in mainstream American cinema history

Caught a matinee yesterday of the profoundly moving Mel Gibson/Andrew Knight/Robert Schenkkan feature HACKSAW RIDGE (2016), in which Mel Gibson (and no need to tear into him in the comments; I’m talking about the movie alone, on its own terms, please and thank you) channels his martyr complexes into the most potent ode to pacifism […]

Kelley Jones and Len Wein Score with Swamp Thing: The Dead Don’t Sleep

Remember when comics were fun?  Before Hollywood figured out how to turn our favorite nerdy pastime into multi-million dollar franchise events?  All you needed for a great comic was a fun, action-packed story paired with equally fun and exciting art.  You didn’t need it to tie in to a huge multi-year company “plan”.  It could […]