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Finally back from Comic-Con! But after a seven-and-a-half hour drive (not even stopping for a meal—nothing like eating and drinking at 70 miles per hour!) on six hours of sleep and one bottle of 5-Hour Energy, my eyelids are heavier than the average fanboy at the show.

Therefore, rather than another text-heavy summary of panels and personalities, I’m going to make this one a visual treat of various photos of more Sideshow figures, booths and art.

Check back in a couple for a more in-depth wrap-up including reminiscences and “regales” of creators from the 70s to history and hystericals from creators in their 80s; legal rights in selling copyrighted art of trademarked characters to fans, to legal rights in pinning copyrighted art of trademarked characters to fan sites; as well as novel insights into making and selling novels.


Enjoy…and have a good night sleep!


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