What really killed comic art legend Gene Colan? Why did author Harlan Ellison want to slap publisher Jim Warren? And what happens when Barry Smith can’t find his Windsor?

Never one to pull punches, controversial author Clifford Meth has taken the wraps off of his highly anticipated tell-all ComicBook Babylon, a book that’s been a decade in the making. In Meth’s book, which weighs in at nearly 400 pages, you’ll find Stan Lee speaking frankly about Jack Kirby, Alan Moore speaking frankly about everyone, and, after a decade of silence, Meth’s telling of the real story behind Dave Cockrum’s missing X-Men royalties.




This brutal and often hysterical page-turner opens with an introduction from Stan Lee and is beautifully illustrated by Michael Netzer with front and back covers by our very own Mike Pascale!

Now available on amazon.com! 



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