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Every month here locally we do a Dine ‘n’ Draw — eat some wonderfully not healthy food and draw based upon a mutually agreed-upon topic. Meet Zombie Santa, from last night.

Zombie Santa

(18-Nov-2009)’s Dine and Draw. Pen, ink, & copic markers. 9×12 drawing paper. I think I threw this out in about an hour.


Since this was basically a sketch, I tossed out only basic shapes with my pencil (which you can kind of tell looking at the blowup of the moon) and did most of the drawing with pens and a brush, and coloring over with the copics. You can see some bleeding in a few places, such as on Santa’s leg. Copic markers do not play well with pencils, and I never bothered to do any erasing.

I think the only thing I wish is that it was more apparent that his brain is peeking out the holes and wear in his hat.

Oh, and here we all are at the end of the evening:


I’m the seated male with glasses. 🙂




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