The awesome organizers of the first Silicon Valley Comic Con were kind enough to have me as a guest in Artists Alley this last weekend, from Friday 2/18 through Sunday 3/20. (How fitting that it ended on the first day of Spring!)

Mike Pascale at SVCC
A genuine Art-Wookie in his natural habitat.

This show, created by Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) and Stan Lee (co-creator of much of the Marvel universe), should become a must-see with each new event. It was the first (that I know of) to merge the tech field with pop culture in a major way. I honestly didn’t know if it would work but it worked very well! Saturday was sold out and Sunday had a healthy crowd. My sincerest thanks go to Steve Wyatt, Tatiana and the rest of his crew who handled the artists.

Brent Anderson and Steve Leialoha at SVCC 2016
From bottom to top: Brent (Astro City) Anderson and Steve (a little bit of everything) Leialoha.

My table was between industry giants Brent Anderson and Tom Raney, plus Steve Leialoha and Scott Koblish on the flanks (making me the answer to the SAT question “Which does not belong?”). All were great guys and a joy to chat with when we had the chance (they were all pretty busy either sketching or selling).

Mike White and Scott Koblish at SVCC 2016
From bottom to top: Mike (Motor City Con) Off-White, Tom (Marvel/DC) Raney and Scott (Deadpool) Koblish.

Oddly enough, Sunday was my most lucrative day, despite Saturday being sold out and the aisles packed. I completed three commissions and sold prints, comics and several LAST KISS postcards (from my Halloween “zombie” team-ups with creator John Lustig). First time in ages that I covered all my costs and didn’t spend more than I made, which is a major victory! (Once I see those “50 percent or more off” tables, I’m a goner. Or at least my budget is.)

Another bonus was a visit from the friendly rep from Sakura, maker of Micron pens, who generously gave us some free samples, which I immediately used in one of the commissions.

Best part of the show for me was the “Count All Those Characters” contest. As readers here know, we’re having a challenge at WH to see who can name all the characters represented in a recent Hulk commission I completed (details here). For the show, I made a one-of-one digital print with a signed quickie Hulk-face remarque, and held a contest to see who could come the closest to the *number* of characters in the piece. It was like one of those “count the jelly beans” deals you see at carnivals; people walking by would just stop and look, then start counting. Some gave up after a bit and walked away, some took wild guesses, and some stood there and tried to count every detail—even if they weren’t really fans!

"Count Those Characters" contest winner
First-time convention attendee Jessy, winner of the “Count Those Characters” contest for a one-of-a-kind remarqured Hulk print.

Guesses ranged from 52 to 201 (not even close!). The guy that had been the closest yet had just counted a section of 20 and multiplied by five. Then around noon on Saturday, a very bright young lady hit the number right on the nose—111! Before she finished filling out her entry slip, I told her not to bother as she nailed it. She couldn’t believe she won and shook my hand three or four times. This was her very first con so I was happy to have been a small positive part of it. Her name was Jessy, who plans to go into animation and wants to facilitate a film collaboration between Dreamworks and Disney. Considering her great attitude and smarts, if anyone can do it, she will. I hope she enjoys the prize!



I’ll finish this tomorrow with some cosplayer/crowd shots and panel info.







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