What’s so special about this issue?  A full 13 months before he exploded on the scene with his introduction of Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #300, Todd McFarlane handled the art duties on this fill-in issue of Daredevil.  While not fully formed yet, his style was evident even this early.

Early signs of his talent shown through even this early. Love that first panel of DD, and those cops are classic McFarlane.

This issue falls just after the classic Born Again story and just before the terrific long run that John Romita Jr. and Al Williamson did begining with issue #250.

Unfortunately Frank Miller gets all the hype with this character.  Yeah, he’s good, but he’s not the only talented writer to work on the book.  Ann Nocenti had a good long run on the title, including this great issue.  Her stellar run began with issue #236 and lasted until #291.  Seriously good stuff in there.  You should check it out.

For a full synopsis of this (and EVERY issue of Daredevil) I highly recommend The Matt Murdock Chronicles.  It’s a fantastic blog.  He’s going through and re-reading every issue of DD and giving a good write up on each.  His reviews focus mainly on the writing, rather than the art, but he includes terrific high rez scans of panels from each and every issue.  Seriously good reading.

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