This week’s favorite comes from Eric W. Meador…

Hello everyone! I am here to share one of my favorite comic covers.  In later weeks I will pick past favorites, ones that have influenced me, but for my first “Friday Favorite” I want to pick a book that hasn’t even come out yet – Batman #1 by Greg Capullo!

Why did I pick a comic that hasn’t come out yet? Collecting comics and art have been my greatest passions in life (aside from my lovely wife!). I LOVE COMICS! The comic that is coming out next Wednesday is my favorite comic. I enjoy the anticipation.

The new Batman #1 will hit shelves in September.

Wednesday is the best day of my week. I love new comic book day. While waiting for Wednesday each new week anything is possible, the story can go in any direction.

I have collected comics my whole life and I have always heard grumblings about how poor comics are compared to past days. I have heard this for decades. Comics are great right now!! Sure there are titles you prefer over others.  There have always been great comics and crap comics, every year since they began.  So I tip my figurative hat to the creators for making my favorite characters come alive every month.
So why this cover? First off I am excited for Bruce Wayne to be back, and to be the ONLY Batman in the DC Universe. Mr. Capullo’s art here has me so excited for the dark knight’s new #1. Mid-action, Batman has already taken down two heavies and is still going! I love the use of shadow overs Batman’s body. Bring on the new 52 DC!!!

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