Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a Daredevil nut.  From the very first issue I read, I was a fan.  I’d been collecting the series for probably a couple years before I came across this back issue.  Whaa??? Daredevil vs the HULK??  That’s crazy!  Even my juvenile mind knew this was a total mismatch…but what a great cover, right?

I love everything about this issue, starting with it’s incredible cover.


Now all these years later, this single issue of Daredevil stands out against all the others to me.  I’d been reading comics and enjoying the superheroes doing their superhero things, but it was with THIS issue that I first got a sense of what a true hero was all about.  It wasn’t about nabbing purse snatchers, or stopping Doctor Doom from taking over the world.  It was about doing the right thing, even in the face of certain failure.

Daredevil vs the Hulk?  Total mismatch, but THIS is the stuff of superheroes. Those five panels hooked me for life.

Frank Miller gets all the credit on his run of Daredevil, but the issues written by Roger McKenzie prior to Frank taking over both the writing and art are absolutely superb.  This issue easily ranks among the very best of the “Frank Miller” run, whether he wrote it or not.



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