I haven’t enjoyed Daredevil as much as I have this latest reboot in over 20 years.  What Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera have done is damn near perfection.  Mark Waid has made the character fun again, while Paolo Rivera seems to have been born to draw the series.  I’ve seen some of his other work, and while it’s great stuff, there’s something about this book that seems to have brought out a simply astounding sense of design in him. 


I instantly saw David Mazzucchelli in Mr. Rivera’s work.  I don’t know if it’s intentional, but seeing his work seems like welcoming an old friend back to the book.  [edit: Turns out Paolo had Mr. Mazzucchelli as an instructor at The Rhode Island School of Design – so I wasn’t imagining the relationship!]  Everything I loved about Mazz’s work on the title back in the 80’s is there.  The superb figures, the clear story telling, the interesting layout and design – it’s all there.

So much going on in this double-page spread, yet still soooo clean. Just amazing.

Marvel has been releasing special “blank” covers with most (if not all) of there new titles this year.  Daredevil #1 was no exception.  Being the Daredevil nut that I am, you know I jumped on this.  Of course I’ve got the guys right here at Wednesday’s Heroes working on some first.  Check it out!

The first of my “blank cover” Daredevil #1 commissions by none other than the talented Mike Pascale!
…and the second one! This time by Mr. Copic himself, Richard Cox!

Not much more to say…DD is fun again!  Give it a try, I think you’ll like it!

The first 11+ issues have been released in a gorgeous hardcover edition.


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  1. Love those covers! The one with the type must’ve been a nightmare to create, with or without software.

    Not only great design, but the execution lived up to it, which is essential. Kudos!

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