Yeah, I know Daredevil again.  What can I say, most of my favorite comics are the adventures of a sightless lawyer!

The last Daredevil I talked about was #163 which had a profound effect on me as a youngster.  It inspired an understanding about what heroes truly are, and that one need not wear underoos in public to be one.

This time is purely about the craft.  In my opinion Daredevil #227 is a perfect comic.  I don’t think Frank Miller or David Mazzucchelli have ever done better work than this.  What an opening to what is considered one of the greatest storylines in comics history!

Seriously, if you haven’t read ‘Born Again’, buy a copy right this minute.

[note: since originally posting this, a stunning Artist’s Edition from IDW has been released of the Born Again story.]

Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli masterfully tear Matt Murdock apart.

To a 14 year old kid, comics were all about tights, fights and ass-kicking.  This book changed all that. The impression this book gave me at the time it came out was “wow…this is so good, I don’t even care Daredevil isn’t in it.”   That was bold!  A superhero book that focuses on the man, not the costume?  This is the same book, which just four months earlier wouldn’t even let John Byrne color the cover the way he wanted, because they insisted Daredevil MUST be red.  (see what I mean here)  Now they were publishing a story with no Daredevil in it.  They were either taking a leap of faith, or knew just how good this was going to be.

Regardless…DD #227, one of the greatest comics EVER.

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