Green Wake from Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Michael Rossmo was one of my favorite comic series of the last year. Unfortunately, it was ended a bit early. [Initially solicited as a 5-issue miniseries, after issue #3, it became a new ongoing series by Image.  Sadly, due to lack of sales, issue #10 is the final issue.]

A series depicting various occurrences in a place known as Green Wake. Morley Mack and Krieger awaken in this reality with one purpose in mind: what do the mysterious murders happening in Green Wake have to do with the whereabouts of its culprit, Ariel?

As I was longing to read another issue I made some fan art. Got kinda weird blending a few styles. but it’s still fun to look at i suppose.


Buy the freaking trade paperbacks! (Volume One & Volume Two) It’s dope!



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