I haven’t read a whole lot of comics regularly for awhile now (beyond Daredevil and I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing me yak about DD!).  That said, a new comic shop opened up near me and I’ve been sucked back in.  I’m trying to limit myself to a small number of books each month as prices have gotten out of control.  (see my thoughts on that here and Mike’s thoughts here.)  So what have I been reading?  Young Avengers.  I really enjoyed the first short series and liked seeing a “normal” gay relationship in a comic.  Wolverine (the new Alan Davis series).  I’ll buy pretty much anything Alan Davis draws.  In this case the art does not disappoint  and the story has been pretty darn fun so far as well.  Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein: Alive, Alive!  The finest work Bernie has done in years (and THAT is saying something!).  There must just be something about the Frankenstein monster character that brings out the best in Bernie  (see his legendary work illustrating the classic novel).  Sadly the book doesn’t ship on any sort of regular schedule.  Well worth picking up if you see it though.  The artwork is simply jaw dropping.

That brings me to Thanos Rising.  I’ve always enjoyed Thanos, both in design and character.  Thanos Quest and its follow up, Infinity Gauntlet were both incredible limited series back in the 1990s.  (I’ll have to write up a FF on those as well!)  With our favorite evil purple character (Barney doesn’t count) being teased in upcoming Marvel movies, Marvel has released ‘Thanos Rising’ an in depth telling of the origin of Thanos.  Well written by Jason Aaron and beautifully drawn by Simone Bianchi.

thanos_rising_cover 01

The story goes all the way back to the birth and childhood of Thanos.  So far (only the first two issues have been released at the time of this writing), they’ve done an excellent job of establishing Thanos as a sympathetic character with an itch he just can’t seem to ever scratch.  With each attempt to scratch said itch taking him further and further down the path of evil.  I can’t wait to see where they go next.

An example of the exquisite artwork from Simone Bianchi.
An example of the exquisite artwork from Simone Bianchi.



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  1. Fascinating stuff! The cover image struck me like a visual puzzle; I had to stare at it for several seconds to figure out what it was, but that’s probably also due to the small size.

    Beautiful art. I’d be curious to flip thru the TPBK. But the story doesn’t grab me simply because I like the mystery of the character. Seeing him as a kid just seems either too goofy or too revealing, like Darth Vader in the SW prequels (which ruined most of the character for me).

    But thanks for the attention to some good stuff!

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