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This was a three commission birthday gift for a client’s husband.

11×14, greyscale copic markers and white ink on vellum bristol board

 My gracious, but she’s well-endowed. In my original prelim sketches, this one started out as more flirty and fun than sexy, with her hands thrown up in the air and her smiling with cake on her. And less boob-y. Think that Batgirl buried somewhere in my gallery, but popping out of a cake.

The client , having exemplary taste, liked the prelims, but, you guessed it, wanted something more sexy. I believe her only specifically requested change was that she be eating cake off of her finger and have a Spider-Man themed cake. Yeah, uh huh. Like I said before here, I know what that means.  So I ran with it. The stuffed Peter Porker, for better or worse, is all my doing.

My recent Black Canary and Black Widow were all a part of the same birthday gift, and they actually fit together in a triangle-triptych:

This was, I promise, on purpose. Why all three are “Black *” I leave to you.

Happy birthday Alexandre, you’re a lucky man.

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